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Hosted Training FAQs

Provide training to improve care for critically ill and injured patients.

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Review frequently asked questions about the Society of Critical Care Medicine's (SCCM) hosted training model.

SCCM's goal is to provide: 
  • Flexible options for course delivery and learning
  • An exceptional user experience through streamlined accessibility to course materials 
  • A simplified purchase process
Full payment is required before accessing course materials. Please consider this when planning your course. 
What is included in the new model?
With the new hosted training model, SCCM will provide hosting sites and learners with:
  • Access to live and online course materials, including administrative materials to guide course planning
  • Accredited continuing education credit for completion of online course materials
  • eBooks for all learners, with the option to add print books
  • Online pre- and posttests
  • Ongoing learner assessment at the time of and after course completion
  • Test reports and evaluation data
  • Online certificates of completion
When will this change occur?
This change will occur in December 2022.
Why the change?
The hosted training model is being updated to offer options for course delivery and learning, provide a better user experience through streamlined navigation, and simplify the purchase process. As hospitals and institutions are faced with staff shortages and restrictions on in-person training, the hosted training model will provide sites with greater flexibility, including the ability to assign some or all of the online course materials for learners to complete prior to attending the live course.

With this flexibility, sites can continue with the traditional method of meeting in person for the full course or arrange modules and coursework within a program in a way that best meets their needs. Some examples are:
  • Using in-person training to focus on the topics of greatest need or most interest
  • Having learners complete all modules online and meet in person for skill stations only
SCCM also recognized that the distinction between single-course and unlimited licenses was an obstacle for sites training learners. With the new model, sites will no longer have to choose between a single-course license and an unlimited license and are encouraged to train as many learners as they like.
How does this new model affect pricing and payment?
Hosting sites will no longer pay a separate license fee and learner fee for hosted courses. Instead, sites will be charged only for the number of learners they train. They are encouraged to train and run the course as many times as they like.

Hosting sites can purchase additional course access for learners as often as needed. Because there is no separate license fee, there is no longer an expiration date for running the course as long as the site has learners available.

SCCM will continue to support fair and flexible pricing using its tiered pricing structure. Pricing tiers are based on a country’s gross domestic product at purchasing power parity per capita as reported by the World Bank in its most current World Development Indicators database. This allows SCCM to accommodate ranges in needs and available financial resources. For additional information, visit the SCCM website.

For-profit sites, U.S. government and military sites, and sites interested in training more than 1000 learners for Fundamentals courses are encouraged to contact the Hosted Training Team to discuss pricing.

Fundamentals Courses
Number of Learners Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
1-99 $21 $58 $110
100-499 Custom Custom $105
500-999 Custom Custom $98

Other Courses
Courses Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
MCCR $58 $115 $148
ICU Liberation $45 $85 $125
Ultrasound $78 $128 $165

In addition to payment methods currently in place, the hosted training model will allow sites to pay with a credit card online. Full payment will be required before accessing course materials. Please consider this when planning your course.
Will there be a discount for hosting different courses (e.g., FCCS, PFCCS, FCCS: Surgical)?
The Hosted Training Team is available to discuss discounted pricing with sites interested in holding multiple courses.
How will this affect my current license?
Sites with current active licenses will move to the new hosted training model for execution of the course; however, their pricing for learners will not change until their license has expired. Once a site’s license expires, they will move to the new pricing structure.
Should hosted sites notify their learners about the change?
SCCM recommends that hosted sites notify their learners about the change if the learners have received communication about an upcoming course that will be affected by the new hosted training model. Similarly, if a hosted site decides to move their course date to take advantage of the offering in the new model, learners will need to be notified because they will be required to complete the pretest online when the change occurs.
How will learners receive their eBooks?
All course learners will receive the accompanying eBook to read before completing the course, ideally before taking the course pretest. When the course director or course coordinator adds a learner to their course, the learner will receive email instructions for accessing the eBook in their MySCCM account.
What if a hosted site still prefers print books?
A hosted site may still obtain print books for learners. There will be no additional fee for the print books except for the cost of shipping.
How will online testing work?
The pretest will be available to learners as soon as the course director adds the learner to the course roster. Learners will receive an email with instructions to access the pretest when this occurs. Pretest answers should not be shared or discussed with learners during the course.

Course directors should instruct learners to wait to complete the posttest until after taking the skill stations. SCCM recommends that course directors instruct learners to complete the posttest in two weeks after participating in skill stations. It will be up to the course director to remind learners to complete the posttest in a timely manner.

Learners will have three tries to pass the posttest. Their first attempt will be unassisted, meaning they will see the question and options. On the second and third attempts, they will have access to the references and rationales for questions that were missed.

All test progress is saved in real time, and there is a “save and continue” option if a learner has to stop their examination. Attempts do not have to occur consecutively.
Will hosted sites receive additional information about how and where to purchase a course and access course materials?
Hosted sites can continue to purchase course learners through the Hosted Training Portal. Course materials will be accessed in MySCCM, which is also where course rosters, testing, evaluation, and certificates will be housed.

Instructions for accessing course materials and entering course details will be made available when the new platform is available. As always, the SCCM Hosted Training Team is available to answer any questions along the way.
Will a hosted site’s login information change?
Login information for accessing the Hosted Training Portal will remain the same. Course materials will be accessed in an individual’s MySCCM account.
What happens if the course coordinator or course director leaves the institution? Can the course coordinator or course director be changed?
If a course coordinator or course director leaves the institution or needs to be changed, please reach out to the Hosted Training Team at The team can work with you to move information to a new individual.
Can more than one person access the roster and course materials?
At this time, only one person can access the course information. The course coordinator or course director will need to use their MySCCM login information to access the roster and course materials.
Will hosted sites still be able to access past course rosters and print old certificates?
Yes. Any course information entered will still be accessible through the Director Resources tab in MySCCM.
If a learner cancels their course registration, will a hosted site be able to reassign their seat and eBook?
Yes, hosted sites will be able to drop learners who have not started or completed the course and reassign their seat and eBook. Once a learner starts the online course, they can no longer be dropped, nor their seat reassigned.
How do I order learners and access course materials?
Customers have two separate logins for each course.

The first is for the Hosted Training purchase portal. This site is for purchases, invoice history, and payments. Log in with the institution’s login credentials. The username is the ID number for the course location and the password is the city with a 1 at the end (e.g., Chicago1). Review hosted training purchase portal instructions.

The second login is for MySCCM, which houses all course materials, course registrations, and certificate information. The course contact will have access to the course dashboard through MySCCM. The Customer ID for this contact is the ship-to Customer ID on the invoice. Review MySCCM instructions.
How do I enter a new course into my Director Resources?
Each time customers run a course, they must create a new course in their course dashboard under Director Resources in their MySCCM account. This ensures that learners receive certificates with the correct course information. Review MySCCM instructions.
How do learners access the course?
Once the course contact or director enrolls learners through the roster in MySCCM, learners receive an email directing them to access the course through the My Learning tab in their individual MySCCM accounts. Learners must complete the pretest before gaining access to the eBook or any of the course materials. Review hosted training learner instructions.
How do I change the date or cancel my course in the dashboard?
Any changes to course information must be submitted to the Hosted Training Team at
I placed an order for learners. How quickly will I have access to enroll my learners?
Orders are approved and invoices are emailed within three business days. SCCM requires prepayment for all hosted training, which means that you cannot access the course materials or register your learners until you pay the invoice. You may pay the invoice online through the portal once the order is approved. After approval, navigate to the first tab in the portal and click on the invoice. The payment screen will appear. You can pay by credit card or print the invoice.
I am hosting a fully live course. Do my learners still have to take the pre- and posttests online?
Yes, all testing for hosted training courses is online, whether the learner attends a live course or completes the modules online. Once you enroll your learners in the course through the dashboard, they will receive the link to log in and complete the pretest and download the eBook. Once they complete the pretest, all course materials will become available, including the posttest. They do not need to complete the online modules to take the posttest.