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Giving and Volunteerism

The Society of Critical Care Medicine is always seeking to feature the stories of critical care clinicians who are giving back to their communities!

Maybe you help run a local food drive, or volunteer on medical missions, or have been recognized by a local group for your efforts. The mission does not have to relate to critical care or your practice. We are seeking any story about giving back. Tell us about yourself or a friend! Select stories will be featured in the Giving and Volunteerism issue of Critical Connections and other avenues. 

The Society understands that volunteerism is central to its mission. Without the contributions of its members and volunteers, the Society would not function. Thank you for all that you do! 

Please share with us how you are giving back to your community. This may include time with a volunteer organization. Maybe you were recognized for your volunteer work or travelled on a medical mission. Perhaps you started a group in your community? Your story about Giving and Volunteerism does not have to be associated with your clinical practice or hospital.
Please share WHY you are committed to this work. What inspired you to start? Or what drives you to keep going back?
Is there anything else you would like to share? You may want to share more about the organization you volunteer for and how others can get involved. Or, share a website that can serve as a resource.
Is there a website or online article that we can reference for more information?
Please share a photo, preferably one that relates to your giving and volunteerism efforts.
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