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Discovery Resources

Discovery seeks to increase research in the critical care field by offering services and resources to assist in research. These services and resources include data storage, management and analysis, Central IRB services and project management.

The Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) and Discovery, the Critical Care Research Network uses REDCap Cloud to track and report clinical outcomes. REDCap Cloud is one of the world’s leading software applications for collecting and managing data for clinical studies. 

REDCap’s electronic data capture platform offers HIPAA compliance, robust data management, real-time data visibility standards, user-driven reporting tools, and advanced analysis capabilities. It is designed to scale reliably and cost-effectively for research projects of all types and sizes, including patient registries, outcomes tracking, clinical care, and clinical trials in phases I-IV. 

REDCap Cloud can be used for research studies, quality improvement initiatives and survey needs.

SCCM offers the use of REDCap Cloud to collect data for research programs. SCCM has a full-time research database administrator available to assist with data collection for an additional fee.

To learn more, please contact the Discovery team.

Contact Discovery

REDCap Dataset OverviewDatasets may be made available to outside groups after the initial publication of the data by study principal investigators.
Current Datasets Available

ICU Liberation 
  • ICU Liberation Studies: Adult QI 
  • ICU Liberation Studies: Pediatric QI 
Surviving Sepsis Campaign 
  • Surviving Sepsis Campaign: Adult bundle implementation QI
Data Request Submission and Review
In order to be considered for data request review, you must: 

Data Request Form Data Element Forms (.zip)

​Review Criteria
In order to be considered for final approval, your request must be:
  • Unique: represents a unique project.
  • Feasible: can be successfully and expeditiously undertaken. 
  • Important: serves the critical care community and critically ill and injured patient. 
  • Relevant: has broad relevance and will ultimately improve patient care in the ICU.

Fee Structure
Fees are incurred once a data request is approved. An invoice will be sent with notification of approval.

Single Data request* fees:

  • $300 for members
  • $500 for nonmembers

*ICU Liberation Collaborative participants will not incur fees to access their own institution’s data.

The purpose of an institutional review (IRB)is to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to protect the rights and welfare of human participants in a research study. A central IRB is a board that reviews research studies for multiple sites and is a single IRB of record for a given protocol.

SCCM offers an independent central IRB to research programs. These services are provided contractually through an approved and certified IRB to ensure that each study receives expert guidance and a streamlined review process.

Costs associated with use of the central IRB is based on several factors. Complete the Central IRB Request Form to receive a quote.

Central IRB Request Form
Discovery can provide additional administrative services for a fee. Please contact the Discovery team to obtain a custom quote.

Contact Discovery

Program Manager
SCCM has a full-time program manager on staff. The program managers’ primary responsibility is to oversee research projects from conception through final reporting which may include:

  • Oversees individual research projects from pre-award to post-award
  • Tracks project timelines and budget compliance 
  • Maintains records and reports on project status
Grant Writer/Manager
SCCM has a full-time grant writer/manager on staff. The grant writer/manager’s primary responsibility is to assess grant opportunities that align with SCCM priorities and to manage the process from the writing phase through grant closeout. 

Grant writer/manager consultation services are offered in the following areas: 
  • Researches and identifies specific grant opportunities from foundations, government agencies, and industry 
  • Provides consultation to investigators to develop successful grant proposals, including grant preparation and timely submission 
  • Assists with grant proposal budget development 
  • Manages grant compliance activities related to IRB, HIPAA, federal contractual, and grant regulations 
  • Works with investigators to complete and ensure timely submissions of interim and final reports to funding agencies
Database Administrator
SCCM has a full-time research database administrator responsible for the performance, integrity, and security of SCCM’s research-related database. 

Research database administrator consultation services are offered in the following areas: 
  • Develops conceptual design for planned research database projects, in conjunction with principal investigators and research staff. 
  • Develops designs that facilitate back-end data organization and user-facing accessibility and usability. 
  • Develops project-specific procedures to implement and ensure the collection of accurate and usable data. 
  • Assists principal investigators and institutions with setup, testing, and implementation of data collection. 
  • Prepares and distributes data reports to principal investigators. 

SCCM has PhD level, contractual statisticians responsible for leading statistical analytical efforts for research. This includes designing and conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses while supporting grant proposals. 

Statistician consultation services are offered in the following areas: 

  • Develops grant proposals with the principal investigator. 
  • Designs study protocols, research plans, and research methodologies. 
  • Conducts complex, hypothesis-driven analyses using advanced statistical techniques to address research questions and topics. 
  • Develops collection methods and techniques, evaluates source reliability, organizes results, and prepares conclusions and predictions. 
  • Conducts and directs advanced statistical analyses for program deliverables. 
  • Prepares, reviews, and interprets technical reports, charts, tables, abstracts, manuscripts, and contract deliverables. 
Communication Resources
Communications resources are designed to provide the research community with a variety of channels to reach their audience. Expert staff will assist in distributing the latest information related to SCCM research activities. 

Communication resources are offering in the following areas: 
  • Email distribution in Critical eConnections - $500 for SCCM members; $750 for non-members 
  • Email distribution to the SCCM membership and/or segmented membership - $3,000 for SCCM Members; $4,000 non-members