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Career Central

As the largest multiprofessional critical care career portal, SCCM’s Career Central allows employers and job seekers to actively pursue talent and professional advancement.

Visit Career Central to begin your search.

Employers and Recruiters
  • Access the most qualified talent pool with relevant work experience to fulfill staffing needs
  • Use targeted recruiting to reach qualified candidates quickly by posting jobs, enhancing the listing, and actively scouring the CVs and resumes
Job seekers
  • Participate free of charge.
  • Easily upload a CV or resume, and use key word and geographic searches to find the perfect professional match.

Volume job posting discounts are available by contacting SCCM’s hospital relations team at +1 847 493-6401.

Download the Career Central App

The Career Central App now is available within the SCCM App. Gain access to the full features of Career Central anytime, anywhere from your mobile device. 

Available on iTunes

Available on Google Play 

The SCCM App offers a variety of other features and apps available in a central location.

  • Access the Surviving Sepsis Campaign App
  • Search the SCCM Member Directory
  • View and download SCCM Guidelines
  • Access News