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Select Member Benefits

Become an SCCM Select member to enjoy exclusive benefits.

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Join the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) as a Select member and unlock exclusive benefits, including:
  • Free access to Congress Digital (over $500 in savings)
  • Free early registration for SCCM events
  • Exclusive online newsletter
  • Free ACCM fellowship for those who hold FCCM designation
  • Private lounge and invitations to special events at Critical Care Congress

Enroll today and become a part of a supportive community of critical care professionals with the goal of improving care for critically ill and injured patients. Find the tools and resources you need to grow professionally and distinguish yourself.

Stay up to date on critical care research and trends.

Each month you will receive Critical Care Medicine, your #1 critical care subspecialty journal, keeping you up to date on critical care research. You will also periodically receive Critical Pulse, allowing SCCM’s editors to scour the web and synthesize late-breaking important information for you to save you time. Join thought leaders and discuss recent medical findings with SCCM webcasts.

Connect and collaborate with your peers.

As the only multiprofessional organization dedicated to the advancement of critical care, you can meet and network with world-renowned leaders. Serve alongside other distinguished leaders on one of the Society’s many committees or find support among colleagues on SCCM Connect.

Advance your career.

Become recognized by your peers by becoming a fellow or master of the American College of Critical Care Medicine (ACCM). The Fellow of Critical Care Medicine (FCCM) and Master of Critical Care Medicine (MCCM) credentials demonstrate personal committee to critical care excellence. Apply for grants and awards and be acknowledged for your excellence in leadership, program development, and more.

Access resources and educational materials.

Enjoy a collection of over 1000 book chapters, podcasts, articles, and more. Find valuable critical care resources categorized by knowledge area, content type, and date in the SCCM Resource Library. Select membership includes access to all SCCM On Demand products and selected ePublications—thousands of dollars’ worth of FREE resources.

Receive exclusive discounts, advance registration, and invitations.

Take advantage of early registration and discounted rates to Critical Care Congress. Relax in a dedicated space for Select members and enjoy refreshments, coffee, SCCM swag, and more between sessions or experience a unique tour while at Congress. An exclusive newsletter provides you with reports and updates on SCCM.
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Healthcare Professionals

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Select Professional Associate
Discounts on SCCM educational programs and resources
Subscription to Critical Connections
Access to online collaboration with members
Membership in specialty sections
(Pediatric Critical Care Medicine journal available with membership in Pediatrics Section*)
Free abstract submissions for Critical Care Congress
Subscription to Critical Care Medicine, the #1 critical care subspecialty journal
Free standard U.S. shipping for online purchases made in the SCCM Store**
Opportunities for involvement on committees
Eligibility to vote and hold office
Eligibility to apply to the ACCM***
Eligibility to apply for grants and receive preferred awards
Free SCCM live webcasts
Free access to content from the Leadership, Empowerment, and Development Program
Subscription to Critical Pulse newsletter
Early registration for SCCM events
Private lounge and invitation to special events at Critical Care Congress
Free ACCM fellowship for those with FCCM designation
Free access to Congress Digital and selected SCCM On Demand products and ePublications
Subscription to an exclusive eNewsletter
*Pediatrics Section membership has an associated fee of $249 U.S., which includes a subscription to Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
**Contiguous United States only. Orders that qualify for this free shipping offer can only be delivered to locations in the contiguous United States. This offer is not for recipients in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. This offer does not apply to SCCM hosted training purchases.
***American College of Critical Care Medicine application fee included.
SCCM members employed by industry are not eligible for the following member benefits: holding office, serving on select committees, serving as a faculty member or author, receiving select awards, or applying for grants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about membership, education and more.