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Knowledge Education Groups

Come together to advance a specific area of knowledge.

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Come together to advance a specific area of knowledge by joining a Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) knowledge education group (KEG). These informal groups are available to SCCM members  only.

Collaborate with peers with similar clinical and professional interests
Collaborate with peers with similar clinical and professional interests
Be recognized as a thought leader
Be recognized as a thought leader
Network with like-minded individuals
Network with like-minded individuals

Billing and Documentation

The Billing and Documentation KEG aims to provide a platform for education and collaboration to share best practices, guidelines, and current standards for billing and documentation.


The Burnout KEG seeks to spread awareness of burnout at the grassroots level among all ICU healthcare professionals, share successful strategies that have been instituted, and ultimately develop standardized interventions using research methodologies to prevent burnout, increase professional fulfillment, and augment the critical care workforce.

Choosing Wisely

The Choosing Wisely KEG is aimed at improving awareness of the Choosing Wisely® campaign. Members will exchange ideas on how to avoid unnecessary tests and treatments and discuss how they have been able to implement initiatives at their institutions.

Critical Care Clinicians in Practice

The Critical Care Clinicians in Practice KEG is dedicated to all clinicians caring for critically ill patients in community hospitals and non-tertiary care settings.

Critical Care Organizations

The Critical Care Organizations (CCO) KEG aims to advance and share knowledge about integrated critical care services for all ICU healthcare professionals with the goal of fostering the development of CCOs in academic and community hospitals and hospital networks.

Data Science

The Data Science in Intensive Care Medicine KEG supports learning how data science can be applied to problems in critical care medicine. Data science is an interdisciplinary field that employs statistical and machine learning methods to extract knowledge from complex datasets.


The Ethics KEG aims to promote discussion and collaboration among healthcare professionals with an interest in ethics. The KEG will address topics chosen by the participants, with subsections centered on particular themes such as end of life, moral distress, and other important ethical issues in critical care.


The Geriatric KEG aims to connect those interested in the emerging field of geriatric critical care medicine to discuss topics such as best practices for clinical management of critically ill older adults, inclusion of older adults in critical care research, consideration of the older ICU population in critical care, clinical practice guidelines, and identification and development of opportunities to integrate geriatrics into critical care fellowship education.

Global Outreach

The Global Outreach KEG aims to connect clinicians interested in improving care across low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The goal of this KEG is to optimize critical care education and practice in LMICs and build on successful global outreach projects and initiatives.

Obstetric Critical Care

The Obstetric Critical Care KEG aims to connect healthcare professionals interested in the care of critically ill obstetric patients. The goal of this KEG is to bring together professionals from different disciplines to improve clinical practice, quality of communication, and education in obstetric care and develop research collaborations.

Palliative Care

The Palliative Care KEG aims to promote education, clinical care, research initiatives, patient advocacy, and collegial support around palliative care issues in both adult and pediatric critical care. This KEG aims to foster greater understanding of how high-quality palliative care can improve patient and family clinical and psychosocial outcomes while decreasing suffering in critically ill patients and decreasing moral distress and burnout in critical care clinicians.

Under-Represented in Critical Care

The Under-Represented in Critical Care KEG aims to bring together SCCM members interested in addressing racial and ethnic diversity and disparities within critical care medicine.

Women in Critical Care

The Women in Critical Care KEG aims to connect women in the field, forge new leadership opportunities for them, and establish critical care as a viable and fulfilling career choice. The KEG is committed to fostering a supportive community that can help women advance within both SCCM and their professional careers.

Need Help?

For additional information regarding KEGs or starting a group, contact Claudia Drath.

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KEGs are not subparts of SCCM sections; KEGs are available to members across the Society. Sections may not form KEGs. KEGs do not receive Society funding but may apply through the strategic planning process for specific projects.