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MCCKAP: Administrator Instructions

Thank you for participating in the 2020 Multidiscilpinary Critical Care Knowledge Assessment Program (MCCKAP). The examination must be administered and proctored between March 10 to 17, 2020.

Please read and follow all the instructions below in order to register your fellows and grant access to the examination.

If this is your first time as a registered MCCKAP Test Administrator, you should have received a welcome email from titled “You have been granted SCCM administrator access” that will allow you administrative access to the Test Administrator Portal and ask you to reset your password for the SCCM testing website, which is hosted by Yardstick. If you do not receive this email by March 4, please check your junk/spam mail folders. If possible, please add the domain to your white list of safe domains. If you haven’t yet logged in and reset your password, please do so. If you cannot locate the welcome email, you can go to and use the “Forgot your password” link to set your password.
If you were a registered MCCKAP test administrator in 2019, then you will already be registered in the system and have access to the Test Administrator Portal. Please note that even as a returning test administrator you still have to log in to the system in the week leading up to the examination to create new users, edit existing users, and grant access to the examination.
If you cannot locate the welcome email or have forgotten a previously established password, you can go to and use the “Forgot your password” link to reset your password.

  • In order to allow your fellows access to the examination, you will have to enter their information into the SCCM testing website prior to MCCKAP administration. Please log in to the SCCM testing website as early as possible before beginning the examination; the examination goes live Tuesday, March 10, 2020, at 7:00 a.m. Central Time. No one will have access to the examination until that time.
  • After logging in to the SCCM testing website, click on the button titled Users.
    • If you are a first-time administrator, you will be taken to a page where you can add fellows by clicking the Add your first user button.
  • If you are a returning administrator, you will be taken to a page where you can view existing fellows – those who took the 2019 examination – and add new fellows. You can add new users by clicking the Add user button located in the right-hand corner of the screen. Please only add fellows who are taking the 2020 examination and who are not already listed as an existing fellow. In order to preserve cohort stats from previous administrations of the examination, please DO NOT DELETE existing fellows who are listed but who are either no longer in your program or who are not taking the examination in 2020.When adding new fellows, please check that the User Groups field at the top of the data entry screen is already populated with a group associated with the current year’s examination and your SCCM ID number. The group name will be listed in the following manner: “MCCKAP2020group-(director’s SCCM ID number).” All fellows must be linked to this user group to be included in the assessment. If there is more than one group listed, please remove any groups that do not contain the current examination year, 2020.
  • Additionally, please populate the following fields for your fellows: username, first name, last name, and personal email. For username, please input the fellow’s complete preferred email address and then copy this email address into the personal email field. The password field will contain pre-filled characters, so there is no need to enter text.
  • Please click the User Details link near the bottom of the page to reveal options for Specialty and Post Graduate Year. Select the appropriate medical specialty and post graduate year for each fellow. If you do no populate the specialty and post graduate year information, cohort stats for the examination will be incomplete.
  • After all fields are complete, click the Add user button found at the bottom of the page. Then, proceed to add all your fellows in the same way. Once all the fellows have been added into the system, click on the Users tab to review the complete list of fellows. Upon being added to your user group, all fellows will receive an email welcoming them to the SCCM testing website and asking them to log in and verify their email addresses and reset their passwords.
  • If while attempting to add new fellows you receive an error message stating "Personal email is already in use," this simply means that the fellow has taken other SCCM examinations in the past. In order to add fellows who are already in the system, you should contact SCCM support. While SCCM will add your fellow to your user group, you will still have to grant them access to the examination.
  • If you are a returning administrator and wish to update/verify existing fellows – users who took the 2019 examination and will also take the 2020 examination – click the Edit link that is in the Control column on the right side of the screen. The Edit link will allow you to edit the user’s information within in the system. 
  • After you have ensured that all your fellows are created in the system, you may now grant them access to the examination. We recommend granting your users access as soon as they are created to avoid any possible issues on the day of the examination; users will not have access to the examination until the examination window opens, so there is no harm in granting them access as early as possible.
  • In order to grant the MCCKAP examination to your fellows, click the User button or tab and select all fellows who you wish to take the examination by clicking the checkmarks on the far-left side of the list. Once all fellows are selected, click the Grant exam button, which is the second button from the left on the bottom of the list. The Exam Settings box will appear. Select either 2020 MCCKAP, Adult or 2020 MCCKAP, Pediatric for both the Exam field and the Exam Form option.
  • Enter the following information on the Exam Settings box:
    • For number of uses, enter 1.
    • For start time, enter March 10, 2020. You may choose the opening day or another day within the one-week timeframe to administer the examination.
    • The expiry date should be prefilled as March 17, 2020. If not, please enter March 17, 2020.
    • You now have the entire week to select a 5-hour window (4 hours of examination time plus 1 hour of optional break time) during which to administer the MCCKAP examination.
    • Then click Next at the bottom right corner. 
  • On the Email Notification screen check the box for “Send grant email notification to each user” and click Next.
  • You will be able to confirm the number of users (fellows) being granted access to the examination as well as the available dates. If the information is correct, press Grant. The system will send an email to each fellow.
  • Once you have granted the examination to your fellows, they will receive an email with a link granting them access to the MCCKAP examination. Fellows will not be able to access the examination until the opening date has arrived.
  • Upon logging in on the day of the examination (login to:, fellows will first see their Profile page. To access the MCCKAP examination, they must click the Assessments link in the upper left corner. Then they will see the 2020 MCCKAP, Adult or 2020 MCCKAP, Pediatric listed as an Available Exam. They must click Start Assessment to begin the examination. 
  • If there are any issues logging in, ask the program director to log into their account and reset your password on the user screen.
Fellows have four hours to complete the entire 200-item examination, including an optional break of up to 60 minutes (five hours total). To take a break, fellows must click the PAUSE button in the top right corner. Following the break, they must click RESUME EXAM to continue. While there will be periodic reminders of how much time is remaining, there is no reminder given for the break period; proctors are expected to track their time remaining for any breaks granted themselves.
  • The proctor must be present at all times during administration of the examination. The proctor should inform fellows that there is an optional break time of up to 60 minutes available during the examination. It is not necessary for all fellows to take the break simultaneously. The proctor should give directions on where fellows should go for break and advise them that the security of the examination must be maintained at all times. Proctors are expected to track the break time. The system will not do that for them.
  • The proctor must ensure that examinees work independently. Spoken or written communication between fellows during the examination is prohibited. If this occurs, the proctor must disqualify those involved and verify that they log out of the examination immediately and leave the site.
  • The proctor must ensure that examination materials are not printed or copied and that fellows do not attempt to e-mail them to anyone. Both actions are a serious breach of examination security.
  • Fellows must click the SUBMIT EXAM button to complete their examination and view their preliminary results. These can be viewed or printed. Clicking View Score Report Summary opens a PDF file that shows references and keywords pertaining to missed questions. Please note that this report is only available to the fellow initially. Once scores are finalized, program directors will also have access.
  • Proctors may view a fellow’s progress by selecting the fellow from the User list and then clicking on Exam History. All results should be considered preliminary until the final score reports are made available through the test administration page within five to seven weeks after the examination.
  • The examination will close at 11:59 p.m. Central Time on March 17, 2020, unless the administrator has made special arrangements with SCCM. Please note that after 5:00 pm Central on March 17 there won’t be any customer service support. Calls will be taken the next day.

Please be sure to resolve any unpaid balances prior to the examination to ensure the release of your test results. Any questions about the examination should be directed to SCCM Customer Service at +1 847 827-6888 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday.