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Hosted Training Planning Timeline

View guidance for planning your hosted training.

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3 to 6 Months Before

(Director, Consultant, and Coordinator)
  • Hosted training materials will be accessible after the order is placed and payment is received. Log in to MySCCM and access the Director Resources tab.
  • The Hosted Training Team will help the director identify and connect with a consultant (for sites holding their first hosted training).
  • Hosted training director and consultant will establish a communication schedule to discuss planning.
  • Develop hosted training schedule and agenda (sample agendas are included in hosted training resources).
  • Develop skill station/scenario rotation (if applicable).
  • Identify instructors and plan assignments.
  • Work with coordinator to:
    • Invite instructors and communicate hosted training details
    • Enter names of instructors, directors, and consultants and their assigned presentations and/or skill stations/scenarios (“modules”) in MySCCM under the Director Resources tab.
    • Distribute print textbooks to learners, if ordered
    • Arrange equipment for skill stations/scenarios
  • Ultrasound courses only: Hire male models (one for each skill station and two alternates).

4 to 6 Weeks Before

(Coordinator or Director)
  • Confirm instructor and equipment availability.
  • Prepare and email instructor materials:
    • Letter to instructors (a sample letter is included in hosted training resources)
    • Hosted training schedule and assignments
    • Module content for assigned topics
    • Copy of chapter(s) associated with assigned modules
    • Ultrasound courses only: Summary questions pertaining to assigned topics
  • Prepare and email learner materials:
    • Letter to learners (a sample letter is included in hosted training resources)
    • Hosted training schedule
    • Map to the hosted training location (optional)
    • Hotel information (optional)
    • Reminder to read the textbook
    • Instructions for completing the online pretest

2 to 4 Weeks Before

(Coordinator or Director)
  • Remind instructors of their assigned modules and times.
  • Contact learners to ensure they received everything and remind them to complete the online pretest two weeks prior to the hosted training.
  • Check on skill station/scenario equipment.
  • Confirm/update learner roster in MySCCM under the Director Resources tab.
  • If the learners are expected to complete online modules prior to attending in-person training, remind them to do so.
  • Assign learners to skill station/scenario groups.
  • Prepare instructor information to be distributed for in-person learning:
    • Hosted training schedule and assignments
    • Skill station/scenario group list and rotation
  • Prepare learner information to be distributed for in-person learning:
    • Hosted training schedule
    • Skill station/scenario assignment and rotation (if applicable)
    • Presentation handouts (optional)
    • Ultrasound courses only: Supplemental course handout