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Online Letter to the Editor: Analysis of Critical Care Severity of Illness Scoring Systems in Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019: A Retrospective Analysis of Three U.K. ICUs

From Critical Care Medicine

In this letter, the authors discuss APACHE II scores being used to predict mortality in coronavirus disease 2019 patients, however it may not be replicable.

Rescue Treatment With High-Dose Gaseous Nitric Oxide in Spontaneously Breathing Patients With Severe Coronavirus Disease 2019

From Critical Care Explorations

The authors present a case series of patients who received nitric oxide inhalation as a rescue therapy for coronavirus disease 2019.

Intravenous Immunoglobulin Plus Methylprednisolone Mitigate Respiratory Morbidity in Coronavirus Disease 2019

From Critical Care Explorations

The authors piloted a randomized trial of IV immunoglobulin in coronavirus disease 2019 patients and found significantly improved hypoxia and reduced hospital length of stay.

Camostat Mesylate May Reduce Severity of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Sepsis: A First Observation

From Critical Care Explorations

The authors present a case series of eleven patients, five treated with camostat mesylate and six treated with hydroxychloroquine.

Harmonizing Heterogeneous Endpoints in Coronavirus Disease 2019 Trials Without Loss of Information

From Critical Care Medicine

The authors aim to provide hands-on statistical guidelines for harmonizing heterogeneous endpoints in coronavirus disease 2019 clinical trials.

Risk Factors for Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis in Critically Ill Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019-Induced Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

From Critical Care Explorations

The authors retrospectively evaluated cases of coronavirus disease 2019 acute respiratory distress syndrome patients and identified six patients that met the diagnosis of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis according to previously established definitions. 

Letter to the Editor: Breaking Silos: The Team-Based Approach to Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic Staffing

From Critical Care Explorations

The authors describe experiences and lessons learned at NewYork-Presbyterian (NYP), one of the largest healthcare delivery systems in the United States, in creating an intercampus leadership teams to combat COVID-19.

Clinical Outcomes With the Use of Prophylactic Versus Therapeutic Anticoagulation in Coronavirus Disease 2019

From Critical Care Explorations

In this study, the authors found an increase in inhospital mortality was observed among patients on preemptive therapeutic anticoagulation.

An Algorithm for Classifying Patients Most Likely to Develop Severe Coronavirus Disease 2019 Illness

From Critical Care Explorations

The authors developed an algorithm to assess whether someone is at high risk of admission to the ICU or dying from coronavirus disease 2019, should he or she test positive for coronavirus disease 2019.

Effects of Inhaled Epoprostenol and Prone Positioning in Intubated Coronavirus Disease 2019 Patients With Refractory Hypoxemia

From Critical Care Explorations

In this study, the authors found that, in critically ill, mechanically ventilated patients with coronavirus disease 2019 who had refractory hypoxemia, oxygenation improved to a greater extent with combined use of inhaled epoprostenol and prone positioning than with each treatment individually.

Racial Differences in a Detroit, MI, ICU Population of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Patients

From Critical Care Medicine  

Contrary to previously held beliefs surrounding the coronavirus 19 pandemic, this study found that, in critically ill patients infected with coronavirus disease 2019, people of color had a lower 28-day mortality than Whites with no difference in hospital mortality, ICU length of stay, or rates of intubation. 

Integral Use of Thromboelastography With Platelet Mapping to Guide Appropriate Treatment, Avoid Complications, and Improve Survival of Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019–Related Coagulopathy

From Critical Care Explorations

In this study, the authors round that thromboelastography with platelet mapping better characterizes the spectrum of coronavirus disease 2019 coagulation-related abnormalities and may guide more tailored, patient-specific therapies in thostudyse infected with coronavirus disease 2019.

Portable Magnetic Resonance Imaging for ICU Patients

From Critical Care Explorations  

In this case series of patients, the authors found use of portable MRI to be safe, feasible, and led to changes in clinical management based on imaging results.

Readiness for and Response to Coronavirus Disease 2019 Among Pediatric Healthcare Providers: The Role of Simulation for Pandemics and Other Disasters

From Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

Early preparation for the training and education of healthcare providers, as well as the continuation or modification of routine medical education programs, is of great importance in times of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic or other public health emergencies; this study aimed to characterize these self-reported efforts by the pediatric simulation community.

Core Outcome Measures for Trials in People With Coronavirus Disease 2019: Respiratory Failure, Multiorgan Failure, Shortness of Breath, and Recovery

From Critical Care Medicine. The authors sought to establish the core outcome measures for respiratory failure, multiple organ failure, shortness of breath, recovery, and mortality for trials in coronavirus disease 2019.

Safety and Outcomes of Prolonged Usual Care Prone Position Mechanical Ventilation to Treat Acute Coronavirus Disease 2019 Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure

From Critical Care Medicine. In this study, the authors found that prolonged prone position ventilation was feasible and relatively safe with implications for wider adoption in treating critically ill coronavirus disease 2019 patients and acute respiratory distress syndrome of other etiologies.

Prevalence of Thrombotic Complications in ICU-Treated Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019 Detected With Systematic CT Scanning

From Critical Care Medicine. In this study, the authors looked for the true prevalence of thrombotic complications in critically ill patients with severe coronavirus disease 2019 on the ICU, with or without extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2-Associated Acute Kidney Injury: A Narrative Review Focused Upon Pathophysiology

From Critical Care Medicine. In this article, the authors conclude that a personalized approach to each patient with acute kidney injury based on the timing and severity of disease is necessary in order to provide appropriate treatment.

Tocilizumab in Coronavirus Disease 2019-Related Critical Illness: A Propensity Matched Analysis

From Critical Care Explorations.  In this study, the authors evaluate ICU mortality at 28 days in patients with severe hypoxemic respiratory failure due to coronavirus disease 2019 infection who received tocilizumab. 

The Effects of ICU Crisis Reorganization on Outcomes in Patients Not Infected With Coronavirus Disease 2019 During the Initial Surge of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic

From Critical Care Explorations. In this study, the authors determined if ICU reorganization due to the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic affected outcomes in critically ill patients who were not infected with coronavirus disease 2019.