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Your Donations in Action

With your support, the Society is making an impact worldwide. Learn about how your donations are put into action.  

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Your gifts make it possible for SCCM to support critical care clinicians worldwide. 
Hover over each map dot to learn more about the training and education programs, medical supplies, and humanitarian relief sent in times of disaster, and research projects that resulted from your donations.

With your support, SCCM continues to fund new initiatives and profoundly impact critical care across the globe.

Donor Support Fund


SCCM Emergency Response Efforts

SCCM CEO/Executive Vice-President David J. Martin, CAE, provides an overview of SCCM's emergency response activities and how SCCM's response has grown over the years.

Since 1990, SCCM has responded to more than 45 emergencies, including terror attacks, hurricanes, earthquakes, and the COVID-19 pandemic, in the United States and worldwide. SCCM's responses are varied and tailored to the needs of those affected. None of these activities would be possible without generous donations to SCCM's disaster relief fund.

2021 Annual Report

As SCCM continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world now has a front-row view of critical care professionals living out the Society’s mission to secure the highest-quality care for all critically ill and injured patients. SCCM’s 2021 Annual Report demonstrates all the ways in which SCCM and its members have persevered, adapted, and thrived in the face of the health crisis of a lifetime. It includes valuable information about the generous donations SCCM has received to help advance its mission.

How Your Donations Support COVID-19 Initiatives

SCCM Past President Lewis J. Kaplan, MD, FACS, FCCP, FCCM, outlines SCCM’s key accomplishments, all thanks to the support of SCCM donors.