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SCCM has announced the cancelation of the 2022 Critical Care Congress in-person event and the postponement of the virtual event to April 18-21, 2022. Please visit for important details.

Social Media Ambassador Program

Join an SCCM member community committed to sharing the Society’s mission on social media.

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Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) Social Media Ambassadors are a group of SCCM members dedicated to helping SCCM spread the word online about SCCM's mission to secure the highest-quality care for all critically ill and injured patients.

SCCM Social Media Ambassadors are asked to do one simple yet important thing—share.

Throughout the year, SCCM provides links to social posts to share and other simple actions to take to help make a difference. The more people are reached, the more critical care can be impacted—it’s that simple.

What is an SCCM Social Media Ambassador?

An SCCM Social Media Ambassador is a critical care enthusiast who is active on social media. Ambassadors promote and support SCCM and share critical care knowledge with their networks. Their voices offer peer-to-peer insight and build the trustworthiness and credibility of SCCM’s online reputation and resources.

Why should I become an SCCM Social Media Ambassador?

Becoming an SCCM Social Media Ambassador is a quick, easy way to make a big impact.

Together we can educate an extensive network on critical care and advocate for SCCM.

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Social Media Best Practices and Tips 

SCCM Media Best Practices and Guidelines

Social Media Basics

Hashtags: The Basis of an Effective Social Media Strategy

The Society aims to ​cultivate a community of advocates who contribute authentic, organic, and relevant information to social media about SCCM, its programs and activities, critical care topics, and more. SCCM empowers its members to use their own personal or professional social media accounts with SCCM’s suggested hashtags to drive engagement about activities, programs, education, etc. Using hashtags offers several benefits and is considered a best practice.

Hashtags optimize discovery. Hashtags make a topic more discoverable to a wider audience. Anyone can use a hashtag, so everyone who is interested can get involved in the conversation without any regard for hierarchy, position, or membership.

Hashtags increase traffic and engagement. Once you are easier to discover, you are likely to see higher social media traffic and engagement on your account. Hashtag searches are used on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Hashtags showcase advocates. Using a hashtag cultivates advocates who are seen as trusted sources. In fact, Nielsen discovered that 92% of consumers trust advocates over businesses. Hashtags are a great way to help showcase advocate recommendations. SCCM members who use hashtags are spreading an authentic message that is trusted by others.

Members of SCCM’s Creative Community should not create social media accounts for any section, committee, group, product, or event. They should use an appropriate hashtag in their personal or professional accounts instead.

SCCM has numerous suggested hashtags and empowers members of the Creative Community to use them. SCCM's hashtag list is constantly being updated. Here are some SCCM hashtags that are currently in wide use.
#MCCKAP #CCEcho #OsteopathicICU #StopICUBurnout   #AnesthesiologyICU
#SCCMDiscovery   #MCCRC #MilitaryICU #CritCareExplore #NeuroICU
#PharmICU #SCCMFundamentals   #PICSyndrome #InternalMedICU #RespiratoryICU
#ICUNurse #VCCRRounds #SurvivingSepsis   #ResearchICU #SCCMSoMe
#SurgeryICU #EmergencyMedICU #NeuroICU #ICUNutrition #PhysicianAssistICU  

Stay in touch and up to date with the latest developments in critical care and within SCCM. Customize your experience and choose how you want to receive the latest information from your Society.