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Comprehensive Critical Care Ultrasound

A guide for clinicians seeking to improve ultrasound understanding and skills in the ICU.


Critical Care Ultrasound Courses

August 9-11, 2021

Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Focused ultrasound examinations are being used more frequently in the critical care setting because of their rapid, precise detection capabilities. This book is a must-have for healthcare professionals who are interested in or currently practicing critical care ultrasound.

Comprehensive Critical Care Ultrasound, Second Edition, is a companion guide for new and experienced clinicians seeking to improve ultrasound understanding and skills in the ICU.

Plus, enhance your learning experience and bundle the textbook and a self-directed course to maximize your knowledge gains.

Edition highlights:
  • Emphasis on innovative applications of ultrasound in airway management
  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome
  • Ventilator weaning
  • An expanded pediatric section
  • Real-time procedural guidance
  • Administrative aspects of critical care ultrasound, including quality assurance, billing, and training.
  • Full-color images and online videos

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