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Download the must-have apps from SCCM that help make the most of your membership and clinical practice.

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Access all SCCM resources from one central location with the SCCM App! Access exclusive content and always be up to date. 
  • Access the Surviving Sepsis Campaign App 
  • Stream all SCCM podcast episodes 
  • Search the SCCM member directory 
  • View and download SCCM guidelines 
  • Access SCCM news and blogs 
  • See the latest job listings 
  • Much more! 

Available on iTunes      Available on Google Play

LearnICU App 

SCCM’s LearnICU app offers you online learning on the go! All online learning, assessment, and examination preparation opportunities from the LearnICU website are available on your mobile device, so you can access material when it is most convenient for you! 

  • Access your purchased courses on your mobile device. 
  • Download course modules and complete them without internet access. Your progress will be recorded once the device reconnects to the internet. 
  • Access numerous free courses and browse the full library of educational offerings. 
  • Claim accredited continuing education and maintenance of certification credit. 
Available on iTunes     Available on Google Play

Available on iTunes      Available on Google Play

Patient Communicator App 

Communication with patients who cannot speak is challenging. Mechanical ventilation, hearing or speech limitations, language barriers, and other hurdles stand in the way of providing optimal patient-centered care. Developed by intensivists, the app can help ease the stress of a hospital stay. 

Features include: 
  • A new diary function that allows patients to track their daily progress during and after a hospital stay 
  • Translation capabilities that allow for two-way communication in 18 languages on a variety of topics, such as pain, basic needs, and moods 
  • A scale that allows patients to identify where on the body they feel sensations of pain, itching, and nausea and express the intensity of these sensations 
  • More than 30 translatable phrases that allow patients to express various needs related to their care and well-being 
  • A glossary of terms to help educate patients and families about the intensive care unit 
  • A free booklet titled Understanding Your ICU Stay: Information for Patients and Families 
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