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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about membership, education, and more.

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SCCM Account

I forgot my SCCM Customer ID and password. How do I find them?
Click here to retrieve your SCCM Customer ID.

Click here to reset your password.
How do I change my contact information with SCCM?
Visit and log in to your account using your SCCM Customer ID and password.
Click Update Profile on the left-hand side of the page under My Profile.
How do I subscribe, unsubscribe, or change my email address?
Visit and log in to your account using your Customer ID and password.
Click Update Profile on the left-hand side of the page under My Profile.
To update your email address, select Update.
To subscribe to or unsubscribe from SCCM emails, use the Communication Preferences to update your settings.

SCCM Membership

Why join SCCM?
SCCM provides a supportive community of more than 17,000 members from more than 100 countries. With a multitude of opportunities and resources, you can stay up to date on critical care knowledge and research; receive high-quality, engaging education; connect with world-renowned experts in critical care; collaborate with other professionals worldwide on research projects, and more.

For more details on membership, click here.
What SCCM membership types are available?
SCCM offers a membership structure to meet your needs, regardless of your role in critical care:
    Select   Professional Associate
Physician $679 $465 $209
Healthcare Professional $335 $199 $89

Fellows and medical students may be eligible for free membership, if the accredited program is enrolled in SCCM’s Sponsored Fellows program.

Medical students should use the Healthcare Professional membership option since they have not yet graduated medical school. 

If you are a current SCCM member who will be retiring soon, contact SCCM Customer Service to learn more about your membership options.

View full details on the available membership types.
Are membership discounts available?
SCCM offers occasional promotions throughout the year. Members receive discounts of up to 25% on SCCM products and events, including registration to SCCM’s Critical Care Congress.

Please make sure that you are subscribed to receive emails from SCCM.
Does SCCM offer membership pricing for international clinicians?
SCCM does not have an international membership rate but offers standardized pricing based on your interests and needs.
Is there an SCCM student membership category?
Those currently in training in an accredited critical care program (including medical students) may be eligible for FREE membership through their program. Program directors who are SCCM Professional or Select members may register accredited programs in the Sponsored Fellows Program. Enrolled trainees receive Professional member benefits, except for making motions, voting, holding office, or receiving the Critical Care Medicine journal.

Because medical students have not yet graduated from medical school, they should use the Healthcare Professional membership type.
How do I join or renew my membership with SCCM?
When does my membership expire?
You can find your membership expiration date at
Log in to your account using your SCCM Customer ID and password.
Your expiration date is listed on the left-hand side of the page under My Profile. Your membership card also shows your expiration date.
Who are SCCM members?
SCCM is the only professional organization that represents all members of the critical care team.

What are the benefits of SCCM membership?
SCCM membership offers the latest in critical care education, connection with experts in the field, and an environment that supports healthcare professionals throughout their careers. You can find all the benefits here.
Do my membership benefits take effect immediately?
Yes. You will receive a confirmation email with your SCCM Customer ID when you set up your account. This SCCM Customer ID will allow you to log in to and review all your member benefits once you have paid your annual dues.
Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, you can cancel your membership, but your dues are nonrefundable.
What is the Creative Community in Critical Care?
The Creative Community in Critical Care is SCCM's body of volunteer members. This diverse network of volunteers serve on the Society’s many committees, task forces, and workgroups.

Explore the Creative Community and apply to join.
What is SCCM Connect?
SCCM Connect is the Society’s online platform for members to network and communicate with one another. The online community is a space to:
  • Discuss the latest trends and important issues in critical care
  • Access professional resources and information on upcoming events
  • Find and connect with other SCCM members
How do I post messages on SCCM Connect?
Go to Participate, then select Post a message. You can also click on the “Post Message” link located at the top of a discussion email. Each community also has a unique email address. Save this email address to your address book and easily start a new post just as you would a regular email.

SCCM Connect FAQs can be found here.

Find the SCCM Beginner’s Guide to SCCM Connect here.
What if I have membership questions not answered in the FAQs?
You can contact SCCM’s Customer Service Team.
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Central Time
Phone: +1 847-827-6888


Amy Kuyken
Membership Marketing Manager
Phone: +1 847-493-6412

SCCM Educational Offerings

What is MySCCM?
MySCCM is the central location for your SCCM experience. Access information about your membership and benefits, purchase history, and other resources curated specifically for you. Find the membership directory, your engagement score, your SCCM profile, and more. Access your purchased learning materials and continuing education history in the MyLearning section.

Visit to make the most of your SCCM experience.
What is LearnICU?
LearnICU is the central location for all of SCCM’s educational resources.

Customize your learning with online courses and assessments, claim accredited continuing education credit, and more. SCCM members have exclusive access to thousands of free clinical and professional development resources in the SCCM Resource Library within LearnCU. 

Access LearnICU at
What is a self-directed course?
A self-directed course contains interactive learning modules as well as pre- and posttests to assess your knowledge. Learners can access content at their convenience. Self-directed courses are accessed online from your MySCCM account. Accredited continuing education credit is offered.
What types of online educational products are available?
SCCM offers webcasts (with and without continuing education credit), Smart Courses, Podcasts, and Congress Digital. The term On Demand for previously held live educational events has been phased out and replaced by the terms Online or Digital.
What is a smart course?
Smart courses offer flexible learning options with the opportunity to review course content at your own pace through online self-directed learning followed by attendance at an optional in-person event. Accredited continuing education credit is offered.
What is a smart event?
Smart events offer flexible learning opportunities that are convenient for healthcare professionals, with in-person and online learning options and the flexibility to decide at any time. Accredited continuing education credit is offered.
How do I find the latest CE/ACE and MOC opportunities from SCCM?
Check out the online catalog or refer to the SCCM Educational and Clinical Resources Catalog.
How do I find free CE/ACE opportunities from SCCM?
SCCM offers free CE/ACE opportunities. Find a list here.

SCCM Hosted Training

What is included in the new model?
With the new hosted training model, SCCM will provide hosting sites and learners with:
  • Access to live and online course materials, including administrative materials to guide course planning
  • Accredited continuing education credit for completion of online course materials
  • eBooks for all learners, with the option to add print books
  • Online pre- and posttests
  • Ongoing learner assessment at the time of and after course completion
  • Test reports and evaluation data
  • Online certificates of completion
When will this change occur?
This change will occur in December 2022.
Why the change?
The hosted training model is being updated to offer options for course delivery and learning, provide a better user experience through streamlined navigation, and simplify the purchase process. As hospitals and institutions are faced with staff shortages and restrictions on in-person training, the hosted training model will provide sites with greater flexibility, including the ability to assign some or all of the online course materials for learners to complete prior to attending the live course.

With this flexibility, sites can continue with the traditional method of meeting in person for the full course or arrange modules and coursework within a program in a way that best meets their needs. Some examples are:
  • Using in-person training to focus on the topics of greatest need or most interest
  • Having learners complete all modules online and meet in person for skill stations only
SCCM also recognized that the distinction between single-course and unlimited licenses was an obstacle for sites training learners. With the new model, sites will no longer have to choose between a single-course license and an unlimited license and are encouraged to train as many learners as they like.
How does this new model affect pricing and payment?
Hosting sites will no longer pay a separate license fee and learner fee for hosted courses. Instead, sites will be charged only for the number of learners they train. They are encouraged to train and run the course as many times as they like.

Hosting sites can purchase additional course access for learners as often as needed. Because there is no separate license fee, there is no longer an expiration date for running the course as long as the site has learners available.

SCCM will continue to support fair and flexible pricing using its tiered pricing structure. Pricing tiers are based on a country’s gross domestic product at purchasing power parity per capita as reported by the World Bank in its most current World Development Indicators database. This allows SCCM to accommodate ranges in needs and available financial resources. For additional information, visit the SCCM website.

For-profit sites, U.S. government and military sites, and sites interested in training more than 1000 learners for Fundamentals courses are encouraged to contact the Hosted Training Team to discuss pricing.

Fundamentals Courses
Number of Learners Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
1-99 $21 $58 $110
100-499 Custom Custom $105
500-999 Custom Custom $98

Other Courses
Courses Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
MCCR $58 $115 $148
ICU Liberation $45 $85 $125
Ultrasound $78 $128 $165

In addition to payment methods currently in place, the hosted training model will allow sites to pay with a credit card online. Full payment will be required before accessing course materials. Please consider this when planning your course.
Will there be a discount for hosting different courses (e.g., FCCS, PFCCS, FCCS: Surgical)?
The Hosted Training Team is available to discuss discounted pricing with sites interested in holding multiple courses.
How will this affect my current license?
Sites with current active licenses will move to the new hosted training model for execution of the course; however, their pricing for learners will not change until their license has expired. Once a site’s license expires, they will move to the new pricing structure.
Should hosted sites notify their learners about the change?
SCCM recommends that hosted sites notify their learners about the change if the learners have received communication about an upcoming course that will be affected by the new hosted training model. Similarly, if a hosted site decides to move their course date to take advantage of the offering in the new model, learners will need to be notified because they will be required to complete the pretest online when the change occurs.
How will learners receive their eBooks?
All course learners will receive the accompanying eBook to read before completing the course, ideally before taking the course pretest. When the course director or course coordinator adds a learner to their course, the learner will receive email instructions for accessing the eBook in their MySCCM account.
What if a hosted site still prefers print books?
A hosted site may still obtain print books for learners. There will be no additional fee for the print books except for the cost of shipping.
How will online testing work?
The pretest will be available to learners as soon as the course director adds the learner to the course roster. Learners will receive an email with instructions to access the pretest when this occurs. Pretest answers should not be shared or discussed with learners during the course.

Course directors should instruct learners to wait to complete the posttest until after taking the skill stations. SCCM recommends that course directors instruct learners to complete the posttest in two weeks after participating in skill stations. It will be up to the course director to remind learners to complete the posttest in a timely manner.

Learners will have three tries to pass the posttest. Their first attempt will be unassisted, meaning they will see the question and options. On the second and third attempts, they will have access to the references and rationales for questions that were missed.

All test progress is saved in real time, and there is a “save and continue” option if a learner has to stop their examination. Attempts do not have to occur consecutively.
Will hosted sites receive additional information about how and where to purchase a course and access course materials?
Hosted sites can continue to purchase course learners through the Hosted Training Portal. Course materials will be accessed in MySCCM, which is also where course rosters, testing, evaluation, and certificates will be housed.

Instructions for accessing course materials and entering course details will be made available when the new platform is available. As always, the SCCM Hosted Training Team is available to answer any questions along the way.
Will a hosted site’s login information change?
Login information for accessing the Hosted Training Portal will remain the same. Course materials will be accessed in an individual’s MySCCM account.
What happens if the course coordinator or course director leaves the institution? Can the course coordinator or course director be changed?
If a course coordinator or course director leaves the institution or needs to be changed, please reach out to the Hosted Training Team at The team can work with you to move information to a new individual.
Can more than one person access the roster and course materials?
At this time, only one person can access the course information. The course coordinator or course director will need to use their MySCCM login information to access the roster and course materials.
Will hosted sites still be able to access past course rosters and print old certificates?
Yes. Any course information entered will still be accessible through the Director Resources tab in MySCCM.
If a learner cancels their course registration, will a hosted site be able to reassign their seat and eBook?
Yes, hosted sites will be able to drop learners who have not started or completed the course and reassign their seat and eBook. Once a learner starts the online course, they can no longer be dropped, nor their seat reassigned.
How do I order learners and access course materials?
Customers have two separate logins for each course.

The first is for the Hosted Training purchase portal. This site is for purchases, invoice history, and payments. Log in with the institution’s login credentials. The username is the ID number for the course location and the password is the city with a 1 at the end (e.g., Chicago1). Review hosted training purchase portal instructions.

The second login is for MySCCM, which houses all course materials, course registrations, and certificate information. The course contact will have access to the course dashboard through MySCCM. The Customer ID for this contact is the ship-to Customer ID on the invoice. Review MySCCM instructions.
How do I enter a new course into my Director Resources?
Each time customers run a course, they must create a new course in their course dashboard under Director Resources in their MySCCM account. This ensures that learners receive certificates with the correct course information. Review MySCCM instructions.
How do learners access the course?
Once the course contact or director enrolls learners through the roster in MySCCM, learners receive an email directing them to access the course through the My Learning tab in their individual MySCCM accounts. Learners must complete the pretest before gaining access to the eBook or any of the course materials. Review hosted training learner instructions.
How do I change the date or cancel my course in the dashboard?
Any changes to course information must be submitted to the Hosted Training Team at
I placed an order for learners. How quickly will I have access to enroll my learners?
Orders are approved and invoices are emailed within three business days. SCCM requires prepayment for all hosted training, which means that you cannot access the course materials or register your learners until you pay the invoice. You may pay the invoice online through the portal once the order is approved. After approval, navigate to the first tab in the portal and click on the invoice. The payment screen will appear. You can pay by credit card or print the invoice.
I am hosting a fully live course. Do my learners still have to take the pre- and posttests online?
Yes, all testing for hosted training courses is online, whether the learner attends a live course or completes the modules online. Once you enroll your learners in the course through the dashboard, they will receive the link to log in and complete the pretest and download the eBook. Once they complete the pretest, all course materials will become available, including the posttest. They do not need to complete the online modules to take the posttest.

Critical Care Congress

What are the dates and location of the 2024 Critical Care Congress?
The 2024 Critical Care Congress will be held Sunday, January 21, through Tuesday, January 23, 2024, at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Pre-Congress educational programming will be held Friday, January 19, and Saturday, January 20, 2024.
Is continuing education credit offered?
Yes, registrants can earn accredited continuing education (ACE) credit and maintenance of certification (MOC) points. More information will be provided in the fall of 2023 after the program is finalized.
What is Congress Digital?
Congress Digital offers recorded sessions from the Critical Care Congress.
Congress Digital is available online 30 days after the in-person event and is accessed on LearnICU, an easy-to-use online platform. It offers accredited continuing education (ACE) credit and includes bonus ACE content not offered during the in-person event.
Congress Digital is included with in-person registration and is also sold separately for those who do not attend Congress in person. It is another way SCCM ensures accessibility to the education provided at Congress.
Learn more at
I’m an industry partner. How can I be involved in Congress?
SCCM has many different exhibitor, sponsorship, and advertising opportunities available at the 2024 Critical Care Congress. Information can be found here.
Where can I find information about future Congress dates?
A list of confirmed Congress dates and locations is available at
Is the Critical Care Congress moving to different months and locations?

Dates for the Critical Care Congress will be changing from January or February to March or April. The change in dates will allow the Society to consider additional Congress locations. Congress has been in January or February for many years, but it was initially held in May.

This change was made for three primary reasons:

  1. Congress participation has increased, and only a limited number of cities are suitable for a conference the size of Congress in January or February. Moving to March or April increases the pool of cities that can accommodate a conference the size of Congress.
  2. Rotating through a greater number of cities will provide increased access and more selection for SCCM members and clinicians. Because most SCCM members are in high-population centers clustered around the U.S. Great Lakes and the U.S. East Coast, Congress will be in those areas some years which was not possible without a change in dates to March or April.
  3. The new dates move Congress away from winter months, when ICUs typically see surges of influenza, COVID-19, and other infectious diseases. These surges further stress workforce issues that restrict clinicians’ ability to attend Congress.
A list of confirmed Congress dates and location is at
Will SCCM return to cities that have previously hosted Congress?

SCCM’s priority is making Congress as accessible as possible to as many participants as possible. Congress has many complex needs, and SCCM is dedicated to evaluating all suitable opportunities throughout the United States while working to contract Congress locations five to eight years in advance.

How does SCCM choose where to hold Congress?
Many factors are considered in Congress site selection. These include a city’s accessibility to major transportation centers, whether it has sufficient accommodations for SCCM’s growing number of attendees, and its geographic location near major segments of the SCCM membership.
As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, SCCM is prohibited from political advocacy or lobbying activities. However, the SCCM Council and staff leadership carefully consider social and policy issues to ensure the safety and accommodation of Congress attendees in host cities.
Large-scale event planning requires that locations be selected and legally binding contracts in place years in advance, making it difficult to anticipate or respond to developments in various U.S. cities and states.
SCCM’s top priority is making Congress as accessible, collegial, and enjoyable as possible. SCCM understands that not everyone is able or willing to attend an in-person Congress each year. Regardless of location, the Society will continue to deliver the highest-quality educational programs both in person and online in service of its mission to secure the highest-quality care for all critically ill and injured patients.
How does SCCM fulfill its commitment to health equity, diversity, and inclusion in its Congress host cities?
SCCM is committed to engaging with Congress host city officials, local healthcare professionals, and community members to share best practices and foster collaboration to improve health outcomes for all individuals, regardless of their background or identity, by:
  • Working with destination management organizations, hotel representatives, and local chambers of commerce to identify minority businesses that SCCM can collaborate with and support during Congress
  • Planning local community projects that raise awareness of specific issues that align with SCCM’s mission and support minority communities within the host city/state
  • Providing badge ribbons so attendees can show support for minority communities
  • Highlighting the great diversity of participants in the scientific program, in SCCM leadership, and in the broader SCCM volunteer community and membership
What are some examples of previous community outreach projects during Congress?
In 2023, SCCM partnered with Project Homeless Connect and the San Francisco Ambassadors, two groups that work with people who are unhoused. SCCM supported Project Homeless Connect’s Community Day of Service, which provided essential healthcare services delivered with care and dignity to people who are unhoused. Additionally, SCCM provided free Stop the Bleed training for the staff from these two organizations.
In 2020 and 2019, SCCM worked with local organizations to hold free public health events that provided CPR training and other life-saving education.
What are SCCM’s community outreach plans in Phoenix?
In 2024, SCCM will partner with the Phoenix Area Indian Health Service (IHS) to provide education and resources to those who serve the Native American community. SCCM will provide complimentary access to Fundamentals and ultrasound training at IHS and tribally operated healthcare facilities. SCCM will also provide complimentary registration for selected clinicians to attend Congress and will work with its partners to provide medical supply backpacks to clinicians who travel throughout the Phoenix Area IHS region (Arizona, Nevada, and Utah) providing care in small rural tribal communities.
SCCM and Visit Phoenix curated a list of attractions, shops, restaurants, and other points of interest that support diversity, equity, and inclusion. Learn more here.