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SCCM Pod-466: Hyperammonemia, the Silent Killer

Untreated hyperammonemia can cause irreversible neurologic damage, coma, or death. Pamela M. Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP, FACSM, is joined by Anna-Kaisa Niemi, MD, PhD, and a patient who was hospitalized for hyperammonemia at age 8 years to discuss the importance of improved recognition of hyperammonemia and awareness of the underlying causes, such as urea cycle disorders. This podcast is sponsored by Horizon Therapeutics.

SCCM Pod-63 Gastric Versus Intestinal Feedings

John Mazuski, MD, FCCM, and Beth Taylor, MS, RD, CNSD, FCCM, discuss their article published in the February 2007 issue of Critical Connections, titled "Gastric vs. Intestinal Feeding: Does it Make a Difference?"

SCCM Pod-101 Nutrition in the ICU

Paul E. Wischmeyer, MD, discusses nutrition in the intensive care unit, specifically addressing what role total parenteral nutrition might have for the critically ill or injured patient.

SCCM Pod-166 CCM: How Much Nutrition Should Critically Ill Patients Receive?

Todd W. Rice, MD, MSc, is the lead author of an article published in the May 2011 Critical Care Medicine titled, “Randomized Trial of Initial Trophic Versus Full-Energy Enteral Nutrition in Mechanically Ventilated Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure.”

SCCM Pod-178: Goal-Directed Nutrition

Ainsley Malone, RD, MS, LD, GNSD, discusses goal-directed nutrition with iCritical Care Podcast editor Jeffrey Guy, MD, MSc, MMHC.

SCCM Pod-187 CCM: Pediatric Nutritional Practices

Jeffrey Guy, MD, MSc, MMHC, speaks with Nilesh Mehta, MD, about his article published in the July 2012 Critical Care Medicine, “Nutritional Practices and Their Relationship to Clinical Outcomes in Critically Ill Children: An International Multicenter Cohort Study.”

SCCM Pod-278 Feeding the Critically Ill Patient

Michael Weinstein, MD, FACS, speaks with Todd W. Rice, MD, MsC, about the article, “Feeding the Critically Ill Patient,” published in the December 2014 issue of Critical Care Medicine.

SCCM Pod-285 Trial of the Route of Early Nutritional Support in Critically Ill Adults

Todd Fraser, MD, speaks with Monty Mythen, MD, about the article, “Trial of the Route of Early Nutritional Support in Critically Ill Adults,” published in The New England Journal of Medicine in 2014.

SCCM Pod-302 Feeding Critically Ill Children and Outcomes

Margaret Parker, MD, MCCM, speaks with Ann-Marie Brown, ACNP, PhD, RN, FCCM, Assistant Professor of Nursing at the University of Akron and Advanced Practice Nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Akron Children’s Hospital in Akron, Ohio.

SCCM Pod-372 Nutrition Support Therapy in the Pediatric Critically Ill Patient

Margaret Parker, MD, MCCM, speaks with Nilesh M. Mehta, MD, about the article, “Guidelines for the Provision and Assessment of Nutrition Support Therapy in the Pediatric Critically Ill Patient: Society of Critical Care Medicine and American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition,” published in the July 2017 issue of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Mehta discusses best practices in nutrition therapy in critically ill children.

SCCM Pod-391 Pediatric Nutritional Guidelines

Margaret M. Parker, MD, MCCM, and Elizabeth Emrath, MD, discuss Dr. Emrath’s talk on the new pediatric nutritional guidelines (Mehta N, et al. Pediatr. Crit Care Med. 2017;18:675-715) from the 48th Critical Care Congress precourse Current Concepts in Pediatric Critical Care.

Which type of nutrition support is most appropriate for severely injured patients?

Questions from social media, blogs and the various discussion forums, including the new SCCM COVID-19 Discussion Group, were answered. This microlearning content was taken from the COVID-19 Critical Care for Non-ICU Clinicians: Expert Panel Series held on September 9, 2020.

Concise Critical Appraisal: Early Use of Tranexamic Acid in the Treatment of Gastrointestinal Bleeds

This Concise Critical Appraisal offers a deep dive into the HALT-IT trial, which investigated whether early use of tranexamic acid to treat acute severe gastrointestinal bleeds would reduce overall mortality while limiting the burden of thromboembolic events.

What has been the experience with enteral nutrition in COVID-19 patients? Are there any recommendations or practical problems around enteral nutrition, including proning?

In this question and answer webcast, attendees had the opportunity to post questions about managing critically ill patients with COVID-19 and other issues.

Questions from social media, blogs and the various discussion forums, including the new SCCM COVID-19 Discussion Group, were also addressed.

Webcast held on June 19, 2020

Medical Nutrition Therapy for COVID-19-Quick Guide

This resource is a quick guide on medical nutrition therapy for COVID-19 patients. This is a community developed COVID-19 microlearning resource.

COVID-19 and Breastfeeding

This resource covers breastfeeding concerns with COVID-19. This is a community developed COVID-19 microlearning resource.

COVID-19 Managing Nutrition Support for Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients - Held in partnership with ASPEN

This pre-recorded webinar presents an overview of the nutritional management of the critically ill patient with COVID-19 infection and addresses the vital need for nutrition, nutritional requirements, and the appropriate indications and management of enteral and parenteral nutrition in the context of COVID-19 management.

Concise Critical Appraisal: Use of Early Versus Late Enteral Nutrition in Critically Ill Children

What is the benefit of early versus late nutrition in critically ill children? In this Concise Critical Appraisal, Daniel E. Sloniewsky, MD, FCCM, offers a deep dive on this Pediatric Critical Care Medicine article by Srinivasan et al, which sought to answer this question using data from the Heart and Lung Failure-Pediatric Insulin Titration (HALF-PINT) study.

Nutrition Support for Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19 Disease:​ Top 10 Key Recommendations

This presentation is an overview of proper nutrition recommendations approved by SCCM and ASPEN for COVID-19 patients. This is SCCM curated COVID-19 microlearning content.

Nutrition Therapy in the Patient with COVID-19 Disease Requiring ICU Care

Nutrition recommendations for caring for the critically ill patient with COVID-19. Joint Recommendations from SCCM and ASPEN.