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SCCM Pod-340 Interview with Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Patrick Kochanek

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Ranjit Deshpande, MD, speaks with Patrick Kochanek, MD, MCCM, about his plenary talk at the 46th Critical Care Congress in Honolulu, Hawaii, entitled “The Brain and Hypothermia: From Aristotle to Targeted Temperature Management, the Good Stuff Keeps Coming Back.” Dr. Kochanek was also named this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner. In addition to highlights from his session, Dr. Kochanek discusses his background, experiences as Editor-in-Chief of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, and the future of critical care. Dr. Kochanek is Director of the Safar Center for Resuscitation Research and Professor of Anesthesiology, Pediatrics, Bioengineering, and Clinical Translational Science at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has no relevant disclosures.

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