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June 2020

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Configuring the ICU in the COVID-19 Era: Real-World Experience
Because all of us are learning as we go and hungry for insights from other healthcare professionals and facilities that have been treating patients who are critically ill with COVID-19, SCCM has created the report Configuring ICUs in the COVID-19 Era.
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Countering COVID-19 Delirium with the ICU Liberation Bundle
The ICU liberation Bundle (formerly known as the A-F bundle) is more important than ever in the COVID-19 era. While the pandemic has changed much inside intensive care units (ICUs), the commitment to provide multiprofessional, high-quality care is unwavering.
Posted: 6/17/2020 | 0 comments |
Concise Critical Appraisal: Early Self-Proning in Awake, Nonintubated Patients in the ED
This Concise Critical Appraisal explores an article by Caputo et al published in Academic Emergency Medicine describing the use of early self-proning in awake, nonintubated patients in the emergency department (ED) during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Message From the SCCM President on Diversity
Currently, we face extraordinary challenges on a global scale, with multiple crises erupting one after another. Each of them compels us to thoughtfully reexamine the professional and deeply personal aspects of how we work and live within our communities.
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