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Leapfrog Dashboard Tracking of Postoperative Sepsis: An Opportunity for Quality Improvement

This article describes the new Leapfrog quality metrics and their methodology, focusing on postoperative sepsis identification and the potential impact of dashboard performance tracking moving forward. Critical care professionals routinely encounter patients with sepsis and play an integral role in the formulation and implementation of management plans for postoperative sepsis, making them key participants in this effort.

The Future of Critical Care Medicine

Bertalan Meskó, MD, PhD, presents on the future of critical care medicine at SCCM's 50th Critical Care Congress.

A Potpourri of Pearls for Conundrums in Critical Care: Best Practices Not Addressed in Guidelines

This is a presentation from the 47th Critical Care Congress on best practices not addressed in critical care guidelines.

Concise Critical Appraisal: Cardiac Arrest in the ICU: An Assessment of Preventability

Moskowitz et al (Resuscitation. 2019. Epub ahead of print) set out to investigate the preventability of ICU-CAs and identify targets for future intervention.