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Proposals, Programs and Projects

Discovery Research Network Infographic

Discovery provides many opportunities for clinical investigators, including submission and presentation of new clinical proposals. Once reviewed and presented, these proposals can become Endorsed Projects or Discovery Programs. Please find the criteria for proposals and lists of current endorsed projects and Discovery programs below.

Clinical Investigator Proposals

The Discovery Clinical Investigator meetings offer researchers a unique opportunity to submit their ideas to Discovery in order to receive valuable peer feedback. Proposals are reviewed and evaluated by members of the Discovery Steering Committee. In addition to Overall Impact Score, investigators are provided with a score and comments in the following areas: Significance, Investigator, Innovation, Approach and Environment. The investigators will have the opportunity to present their proposals at a Discovery Clinical Investigator meeting. These presentations can be done virtually or in-person and time is allowed for questions and additional feedback.

Find the criteria and application below under Proposals Criteria and Submission.

Proposals that are reviewed by the Discovery Steering Committee, but not given a high-ranking are not provided a letter of support, but are encouraged to continue to work closely with the Discovery Steering Committee and join the SCCM Research eCommunity in order to continue to improve their proposals or execute their project.

Endorsed Projects

The highest ranked proposals from Discovery Clinical Investigator meetings become Endorsed Projects. Projects are endorsed by the Discovery Steering Committee and upon request will receive an endorsement letter on behalf of the SCCM Discovery Steering Committee. Projects must remain active and provide periodic updates to the SCCM Discovery Steering Committee.

Discovery Programs

Programs are recognized as large Endorsed Projects (or, more frequently, groups of projects) that have matured programmatically to the point of requiring their own organizational structure within the Discovery portfolio of programs. Programs usually have substantial, peer-reviewed funding and, because of their size and complexity, have their own program publication oversight committees. Program leaders may attend and participate in Discovery Steering Committee meetings, in an ad hoc manner as appropriate.

Proposal Criteria and Submission