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Master of Critical Care Medicine

Fellows of the American College of Critical Care Medicine (FCCM) are invited to nominate other Fellows for the honor of Master of Critical Care Medicine (MCCM).

Deadlines and Submission
Fellows in good standing may nominate other Fellows for Masters. Nomination deadline has been extended to June 1 ​and will be considered by the American College of Critical Care Medicine (ACCM) Awards Committee to be conferred at the following year's Convocation.​

Submit a nomination.

Questions related to the nomination process may be directed to Organizational Affairs.

All nominees for Master must have been Fellows for at least 10 years and must have distinguished themselves by achieving national and international professional prominence by virtue of personal character, leadership, eminence in clinical practice, outstanding contributions to research and education in critical care medicine, or years of exemplary service to the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM), ACCM, and the field of critical care medicine in its broadest sense.

Members of the ACCM Board of Regents and SCCM Council will not be eligible for nomination for MCCM until they have been out of office for two years.​

Posthumous nominations will be accepted. Posthumous nominees must have been Fellows in good standing for at least 10 years at the time of their death.


  • Contributions to SCCM and ACCM with an emphasis of furthering the goals and missions of both organizations, including active involvement in at least one task force or committee
  • National and international leadership in critical care medicine as evidenced by current and past academic and organizational positions
  • Contributions to critical care medicine through other medical societies, agencies or organizations that impact the delivery of critical care medicine
  • Research grants and projects (investigator-initiated grants that are funded through a peer-reviewed process) on which the nominee was the principle investigator
  • Teaching accomplishments, especially those that impact the training of healthcare professionals in critical care medicine (The nominator should highlight the impact of the accomplishments at the national and international level.)
  • Contributions to the community and volunteer work (eg, assistance during disasters)
  • Publications (especially those with significant scientific impact)
  • Awards and honors
Nomination Requirements
  • The nominator must submit a letter of recommendation highlighting the nominee's contributions.
  • The nominator must solicit two additional letters of support attesting to the nominee’s significant contributions. Both of these letters should be from outside the nominee’s current institution (ie, not a current professional colleague or research collaborator) but do not need to be from other Fellows.
  • The nominator must include the candidate’s most recent curriculum vitae with the application.
Members of the ACCM Board of Regents and SCCM Council will not be eligible for nomination for MCCM until they have been out of office for two years.
The election of nominees for MCCM will be by a majority vote of the ACCM Board of Regents at its fall board meeting, with approval by SCCM Council at its fall meeting.
During the first five years that the honor has been conferred (2012–2016), there has been no limit to the number of Masters selected. Thereafter, beginning in 2017, there will be a limit of five Masters selected in any given year. There is no requirement that the Board or Council select any Masters in any given year. If an MCCM is awarded posthumously, the posthumous award will not be included in the number of MCCMs that can be awarded annually.
The ACCM Awards Committee will review the nominations and decide which nominees should be presented to the ACCM Board of Regents.
The Awards Committee will evaluate the nominees based on the criteria. Although nominees are not required to excel in all areas, they must achieve prominence in more than half of the criteria. In addition, all nominees are expected to have demonstrated significant involvement and leadership within SCCM or ACCM, including committee work and other activities. The committee will judge the nominee’s relevant areas of excellence based on the evidence provided in the letters and documented in the nominee’s curriculum vitae.
The Master designation will be conferred at the ACCM Convocation at the next SCCM Congress. The candidate’s participation in the Convocation is required, except under extenuating circumstances in which the candidate is unable to travel. The decision as to whether a candidate is required to attend the Convocation shall be at the discretion of the Board.
Masters are authorized to use the designation MCCM in connection with their professional activities, as long as their SCCM membership remains current and they remain an SCCM member in good standing. The Master will receive a certificate from the College. Masters will enjoy the same privileges as Fellows, assuming they remain in good standing with the College.