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The ICU Liberation Initiative helps teams transform the care they provide in the ICU by giving them the necessary tools to successfully implement the PADIS Guideline recommendations and the ICU Liberation Bundle (formerly known as the A-F Bundle). The ICU Liberation Initiative is a new paradigm of evidenced-based care that is delivered by the multiprofessional team.

By implementing these evidence-based interventions, teams can work to optimize pain, minimize sedation, manage delirium more effectively using non-pharmacologic interventions, promote early mobility of patients, and engage families more actively.

The ICU Liberation Bundle has shown to improve short- and long-term outcomes for patients during their ICU stay and beyond, allowing them to not only survive, but thrive. These interventions have also been associated with a reduction in administrative costs for hospitals and third-party payors.

The ICU Liberation Bundle is unique because it can be applied to every patient, every day by the full team. Your implementation does not have to be perfect right away. Small changes make a big difference. No matter where you are in the process, SCCM can help you get to the next benchmark of quality improvement.

Here are some simple ways to help start you on the path to quality improvement.

1. Download the ICU Liberation Minimum Data Set Toolkit and supporting resources to help you get started!
The Minimum Data Set Toolkit is provided for multiprofessional critical care teams to measure their practice for performance improvement. The sections cover data and compliance definitions, a spreadsheet for data collection, and input and compliance reports. The toolkit also explains how to understand and use the data for continuous process improvement. SCCM also will provide additional ICU Liberation resources to get familiar with the PADIS Guidelines and the ICU Liberation Bundle, including links to the guidelines, succcess stories and teaching slides.

Download the Toolkit and Supporting Resources


2. Learn more about ICU Liberation with the new book.

View the full list of available ICU Liberation products.

3. Learn more about hosting an ICU Liberation licensed Course
The ICU Liberation course will be available for institutions to host on site in spring 2020. Learn more about the Pre-Congress educational session and become a certified instructor!