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Improving Long-Term Outcomes Research for Acute Respiratory Failure Survivors

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) awarded a large 5-year R-24 research infrastructure grant to Society member Dale Needham, FCPA, MD, PhD, for a project entitled “Improving Long-Term Outcomes Research for Acute Respiratory Failure.” 

Dr. Needham is Director of the Outcomes After Critical Illness and Surgery (OACIS) Group, a multidisciplinary clinical and research group focused on understanding and improving patient outcomes after critical illness and surgery, at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

This NIH-funded project has completed the development of many resources for researchers conducting long-term follow-up of patients surviving acute respiratory failure and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARF/ARDS), including: 

• Recommendations for long-term outcomes and associated measurement instruments for research in this patient population. A database of recommended survey instruments and clinical testing methods for evaluating the long-term physical, cognitive, and mental health outcomes of survivors of ARF/ARDS is available at

• Practical tools for maximizing patient cohort retention for longitudinal long-term outcomes research studies. Cohort retention tools are available at www.improvelto. com/cohort-retention-tools. 

• Statistical tools and programs to appropriately address the competing risk of mortality in analyzing long-term functional outcomes in this patient population. A software tool that imputes missing data among survivors and then implements statistical approaches for addressing mortality when evaluating long-term functional outcomes is available at www. 

Visit to learn more about this project and stay up to date on its progress.​