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CEO's Message - Spotlight on Giving

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David J. Martin, CAE

Since our founding in 1970, the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) has had a mission to secure the highest quality care for all critically ill and injured patients. As a patient-centered organization, we envision a world in which all critically ill and injured people receive care from a present, integrated team of dedicated trained intensivists and critical care specialists. But achieving this ambitious goal is not possible without two important elements: active and engaged volunteers and sustainable financial support.

Volunteering is the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization, and SCCM is no exception. Each year thousands of SCCM volunteers dedicate their time and expertise by joining our Creative Community and working to ensure that the Society fulfills its three core pillars: education, research, and patient care.

Members of the Society’s Creative Community include people from all corners of the world who enjoy incorporating new ideas and perspectives into programs designed to achieve optimal patient outcomes. Working together with staff, they develop innovative programs for a diverse membership of critical care professionals who serve a highly diverse patient population. For the thousands who dedicate their time to working as members of the Creative Community, you have our deepest thanks.

But volunteering alone cannot fulfill our ambitious goals. We also need ongoing charitable contributions to help support our broad array of programs and projects.

The Society has recently begun an exciting new phase of growth that calls for the creation of a larger, more structured, and innovative donor development and gift stewardship program. This new effort focuses on expanding fundraising to grateful patients, family members, family foundations, corporations, and others, as well as growing our traditional member donor base.

Our primary fundraising focus is to provide the financial support necessary to carry out SCCM’s mission and strategic goals around five key program categories: resource-limited areas, sepsis, quality improvement (including patient/ family support), research, and unrestricted donations that Council can direct to areas of greatest need.

Resource-Limited Areas
Your gift provides aid and support to individuals, organizations, and programs in resource-limited settings in the United States and elsewhere. Over the years, contributions in this category have funded Fundamental Critical Care Support and other training programs in war-torn areas such as Syria, helped those after the hurricane that devastated Haiti and provided medical supplies to hospitals badly damaged by the earthquake in Nepal.

Sepsis Research and Training
Your gifts support activities such as SCCM’s Surviving Sepsis Campaign, which emphasizes building awareness, improving diagnosis, educating healthcare professionals, and supporting patients with sepsis. Your donation also supports scientific research and programs on sepsis in resource-limited settings, such as SCCM’s project in Gitwe, Rwanda on early identification of, and interventions for, sepsis where medical supplies and therapies are limited.

Quality Improvement
Contributions support SCCM quality improvement initiatives such as ICU Liberation (the ABCDEF bundle), patient-centered outcomes, central line-associated bloodstream infections, and more. Additionally, gifts in this category fund the THRIVE initiative, which supports patients with post-intensive care syndrome and the development of clinical practice guidelines that include recommendations to optimize patient care.

Donations help to increase research in the field and support a broad range of research projects, including grants to young investigators. Gifts in this category also support Discovery, the Critical Care Research Network. Your gift can be designated for immediate use or to endow the SCCM-Weil Research Trust, whose earnings are used for research grants.

Unrestricted Gifts
Most donors provide an unrestricted gift, which allows the Society’s leadership to direct funding to areas in which the need is most acute.

I invite you to help support these important programs with your generous donation. Simply click the DONATE button on or visit and select a donation level that best meets your goals. Because SCCM is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, every donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. If you would like to discuss making a larger gift or developing an individual giving plan, please contact SCCM’s Chief Philanthropy Officer Mark Lenhart at

Every gift helps support our mission of securing the highest-quality care for all critically ill and injured patients! Thank you!