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Collaboration Between Tele-ICU Programs Has the Potential to Rapidly Increase the Availability of Critical Care Physicians—Our Experience Was During Coronavirus Disease 2019 Nomenclature

From Critical Care Explorations.  The authors describe implementing a connected network between two tele-ICU programs to support staffing and rounding during the first wave of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic in the United States.

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Rapid Implementation of Telecritical Care Support During a Pandemic: Lessons Learned During the Coronavirus Disease 2020 Surge in New York City

From Critical Care Explorations

The authors describe key elements for a New York City health system to rapidly implement telecritical care consultative services to a newly created ICU during the coronavirus disease 2020 patient surge.

Coronavirus, COVID-19, Telemedicine

Leveraging Tele-Critical Care Capabilities for Clinical Trial Consent

From Critical Care Explorations. In this article, the authors share their experience with a patient with severe COVID-19 who was admitted to a clinical trial of an investigational COVID-19 therapeutic using video-telecommunication to obtain informed consent.

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What are your thoughts on the use of telemedicine?

Questions from social media, blogs and the various discussion forums, including the new SCCM COVID-19 Discussion Group, were answered. This microlearning content was taken from the COVID-19 Question and Answer Webcast Series - Webcast 2 held on April 10, 2020.

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