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Is Microthrombosis the Main Pathology in Coronavirus Disease 2019 Severity?—A Systematic Review of the Postmortem Pathologic Findings

From Critical Care Explorations.  In this systematic review, the authors attempted to retrieve and report the findings of postmortem studies including the histopathologic data of deceased coronavirus disease 2019 patients and to review the manifestations of coronavirus disease 2019–associated thrombotic pathologies reported in the recent literature. Diffuse alveolar damage was the most predominant feature in the lungs of coronavirus disease 2019 patients who underwent postmortem assessment. Widespread pulmonary microthrombosis and extensive pulmonary angiogenesis, in addition to frequent pulmonary and extrapulmonary microthrombotic and thromboembolic findings in patients with coronavirus disease 2019, appear to be consistent with the disease-specific hypercoagulability.

Fahmy OH, Daas FM, Salunkhe V, et al.  

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