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Tag: Specialty Sections

Anesthesiology Section
SCCM Anesthesiology Section

Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology Section
Fostered by the Society of Critical Care Medicine, the Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology (CPP) Section exists to promote the interest of SCCM members active in clinical pharmacy and pharmacology.

Emergency Medicine Section
Emergency Medicine is the branch of medicine that evaluates and treats medical conditions caused by trauma or sudden illness.

Industry and Technology Section
The Industry and Technology Section envisions a network of critical care business and medicine representatives working to educate each other in their respective disciplines and to provide a platform for technology creation and appreciation.

Internal Medicine Section
Internal Medicine is the branch of medicine that diagnoses and non-surgically treats diseases affecting the internal organs of the body.

Member Center
Thank you for being a member! Your membership with the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) shows your dedication to the practice of critical care and your ongoing support of the Society’s mission to secure the highest quality care for all critically ill and injured patients.

Neuroscience Section
A specialty in critical care medicine and neuroscience provides the foundation for the Neuroscience Section.

Nursing Section
The Nursing Section of the Society of Critical Care Medicine is a vibrant and active specialty section composed of nurses and other healthcare professionals from diverse clinical, administrative, educational, and research roles in the field of critical care.

Osteopathic Medicine Section
Osteopathic medicine is a system of medicine based on the theory that disturbances in the musculoskeletal system affect other bodily parts and cause disorders that can be corrected by techniques used in conjunction with therapeutic procedures.

Pediatrics Section
The Pediatrics Section exists to foster the care of critically ill or injured children and to ensure that these patients and their healthcare providers have a voice within the Society.

Physician Assistant Section
Physician assistants (PAs) are healthcare professionals who practice medicine with physician supervision.

Research Section
The Research Section promotes and supports a multiprofessional model of basic, translational and clinical research to ensure optimal outcomes for all critically ill patients.

Respiratory Care Section
The respiratory therapist (RT) is an integral part of the team, providing expertise in airway management, mechanical ventilation, and physiologic monitoring.

SCCM Connect
SCCM Connect is a new collaborative space to connect members of the critical care community involved in Specialty Sections and committees

Each Specialty Section of the Society of Critical Care Medicine serves as a voice for members of a discipline or those with similar interests.

Surgery Section
The Surgery Section, the second largest in the Society, continues to gain strength and be an active and integral part of SCCM.

Uniformed Services Section
The Uniformed Services Section represents the five branches of the United States military within the field of critical care medicine.