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Apply for FCCM

American College of Critical Care Medicine (ACCM)Fellowship in the Society of Critical Care Medicine’s (SCCM) American College of Critical Care Medicine (ACCM) recognizes individuals who have demonstrated significant contributions and have made an impact in the critical care profession at a regional, state, or national level.  

The application fee is included for members of SCCM’s Professional and Select Membership.

You may upgrade your membership​ at any time. Once you are inducted as an FCCM, you will automatically be upgraded to the Select Membership category in your next dues billing cycle. 

​In order to be considered a Fellow in the ACCM, and thereby use the designation "FCCM", it is required that you participate in the convocation ceremony within three years of your acceptance notification. The convocation fee is $350.  The fee includes administative costs, robe rentel and certificate.  If you are not inducted within three years, you will be required to submit a new application for future ACCM Fellowship.

Application and Deadline  
The application and all supporting documentation are due by March 15. 

Apply for Fellowship

The Credentials Committee reviews each completed application with the intent that each qualified applicant is accepted to the College; other applicants receive appropriate feedback, so that many may reapply in the future. 


  • Detailed criteria are available in the ACCM Application. Basic criteria require that applicants: 
  • Be an SCCM Professional or Select Member and have been a member for at least 2 consecutive years.  
  • Be licensed (if license available) to practice in a healthcare category in the U.S. or Canada. If you are applying as a physician member, then you must be U.S. board certified. 
  • Have a certificate of special competence in critical care or its equivalency, as determined by the category of your application. Physician and nurse candidates, please see the detailed criteria in your application.  
  • Have devoted at least 50% of time to critical care in practice, research, administration, or teaching for at least two years prior to applying to ACCM. 
  • Be able to demonstrate a collaborative model of critical care, in which the efforts of several disciplines are coordinated to provide optimal patient care. 
  • Have made significant contributions to the perception, delivery, or management of the critically ill in the three areas of Program Development, Scholarly Contributions, and Leadership. 
  • Be sponsored by two individuals, at least one of whom is an active ACCM Fellow, who can substantiate the professional history and outstanding merit of the applicant, with particular emphasis on areas of demonstrated excellence and leadership in a collaborative model of critical care. 
  • A minimum of five to seven years of critical care activity after completion of training is usually required to meet the leadership criteria set by the ACCM.