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SCCM Launches Open-Access Journal

Critical Care Explorations (CCE) is the official open access, peer-review journal of the Society of Critical Care Medicine.
SCCM is excited to announce the launch of its new journal, Critical Care Explorations (CCE).

As the official open-access journal of SCCM, CCE is designed to facilitate rapid communication of innovations and new information with the potential to influence critical care research and practice. It features a prestigious international editorial board with the same rigorous peer-review process as SCCM’s flagship journals, Critical Care Medicine and Pediatric Critical Care Medicine.

CCE will disseminate new ideas and stimulate innovations and will have a wide-ranging scope, including:
  • Traditional articles
  • Time-sensitive information about quality and safety (such as pharmacokinetic and quality improvement studies)
  • Methodologic and technical advances
  • Healthcare economics
  • Advances in predictive modeling
  • Impact of new studies on evidence-based practice
“As a fully open-access journal, CCE’s content is available all the time and is truly global, offering greater opportunities for exploring international perspectives on issues related to critical care,” shared Editor-in-Chief Timothy G. Buchman, PhD, MD, MCCM.

The first article published is a study that compares two screening tests for cerebral vasospasm (CVS) after subarachnoid hemorrhage. The study is the first to directly compare the diagnostic performance of the two tests that are commonly used for early detection of CVS to detect the dreaded secondary complication of delayed cerebral ischemia. “The optimal screening modality for detecting symptomatic CVS is a matter of debate,” the researchers write. They also note that the causative role of CVS is unproven.

 Also available to read now are an introductory editorial, describing the vision behind CCE and providing practical information on the submission and publication process, and a tribute to the late Vladimir (”Vlad”) Kvetan, MD, FCCM, renowned for his leadership in the field of disaster medicine and for the innovative concept of the “ICU without Walls.”

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