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In-Training Section

Guidelines for Governance 

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The In-Training Section is one of the youngest branches of the Society of Critical Care Medicine. The section was established in August 2010 by a small group of dedicated individuals. The Section aims to further develop and foster trainees and young faculty in their transition process from students to professional practice. We welcome all medical professionals represented in the critical care field, including doctors of osteopathy and medicine, critical care nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, and others. We believe that an open and collaborative approach will foster an interdisciplinary methodology in critical care. Promoting research and volunteering activity is an additional goal of the section. Keeping the aforementioned objectives, we wish to balance between the established aspirations and the voiced needs of the in-trainees. The section aims to:
  • Support all in-training professionals in critical care as well as in their early steps of career development after training. 
  • Provide a common platform for all SCCM members who would like to help pursue the first goal regardless of their stage of professional career.
Strategic Goals - Reach out to potential members and survey their needs and expectations, followed by creating tasks aimed at solving problems and issues voiced by the members of the section and Society. 
  • Encourage active participation by tackling interesting topics, offering professional opportunities, fostering research and education, and providing a variety of inducements in the forms of awards, prizes, and discounts. 
  • Offer an open, transparent and informative structure for members who are in training to develop their ideas and to enhance their future professional growth. 
  • Creating a fostering environment for research by facilitating the trainee-mentor relationships, including an exchange of information about funding opportunities and development of a research award. 

What Sets us Apart
We are a strongly interconnected and interdisciplinary section. We cater to the needs of medical professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Our approach is to facilitate fresh ideas, providing room for interested individuals to develop their personal ideas while providing guidance. 

Getting Involved
The most common misperception is that only individuals currently involved in training can participate in the section. This is far from the truth. Membership is open to all, and we welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds. In fact, this is what we encourage. What is required then? It is simple. The prerequisite is to care about obtaining and delivering quality care, creating a rewarding and comfortable work environment, and maximizing research and other academic opportunities by working collaboratively. The section's liberal approach allows an implementation of original ideas. If you have suggestions or concerns or are eager to share and realize your approaches, this section is a perfect place to do so.

Section Officers

Saraschandra Vallabhajosyula, MD
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, Georgia, USA 
Term: 2020-2022

Javier Lorenzo, MD
Stanford University Hospital & Clinics
San Francisco, CA, USA
Term: 2020-2022

Saul Flores, MD 
Texas Medical Center 
Missouri City, Texas, USA  
Term: 2020-2022 

Past Chair: 
Roshni Sreedharan, MD 
The Cleveland Clinic 
Cleveland, Ohio, USA 
Term: 2020-2022 

Alex Lukic, PA 
The Cleveland Clinic 
Cleveland, Ohio, USA 
Term: 2020-2022 
Michael Colin Mowrer, MD 
University of Texas Southwestern  
Dallas Texas, USA 
Term: 2020-2022 
Ashley Hawthorne, PharmD, BCCCP 
William Carey University School of Pharmacy 
Term: 2020-2022 
Amos Lal, MD 
Mayo Clinic 
Rochester, Minnesota, USA 
Term: 2020-2022 
Michael Mowrer, MD 
Dallas, Texas, USA 
Term: 2020-2022 
Satish Shah, MD  
Houston, Texas  
Term: 2020-2022 

Council Liaison: 
M. Michele Moss, MD, FCCM 
Arkansas Children's Hospital 
Little Rock, Arkansas, USA