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Respiratory Care Section

The respiratory therapist (RT) is an integral part of the team, providing expertise in airway management, mechanical ventilation, and physiologic monitoring.

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Guidelines for Governance
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Members of the Respiratory Care Section are professionals who are committed to providing specialized respiratory critical care. All members of the healthcare team are welcome to join and contribute to the development and organization of the section. 
Members of our section provide expertise in airway management, mechanical ventilation, physiologic monitoring, disease management, critical illness and injury of the pulmonary system, and all other aspects of the advanced care of critically ill patients. 
This section communicates with the Society on issues dealing with respiratory care practice and provides technical expertise and guidance for the mutual interests of the healthcare team and the Society. 
The section aims to provide support to the Society and section members through research and education in the areas of clinical, scientific, and technical aspects of patient care. It accomplishes this mission through communication, education, and research. 
Communication: A key to the section’s success is developing a communication structure to relay information among the Society, the section chair, and section members. 
Education: Develop a plan to ensure that the section becomes an integral part of the Society by educating both Society members and the special interests of the section members. 
Research: Design a means to promote research among the section members through abstracts, posters, and studies.

Section Officers

Madison Fratzke, BSRT, RRT-ACCS
Franciscan St. Francis Health
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Term: 2021 - 2023

Donna Tanner, RRT
Cleveland Clinic, Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Term: 2021 - 2023

Term: 2021 - 2023

University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
Term: 2021 - 2023

Members at-Large
Dennis Disney, RRT, RRT-ACCS
Indiana University-IU Health Methodist Hospital
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Term: 2019 - 2022

Vinay Maheshwari, MD, MHCDS
Christiana Care Health System
Newark, Delaware, USA
Term: 2019 - 2022

Sujanthy S. Rajaram, MD, MPH
Hackensack University Medical Center
East Windsor, New Jersey, USA
Term: 2019 - 2022

Danny Theodore, MD
University of Virginia Medical Center
Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
Term: 2019 - 2022

Council Liaison
Michele Moss, MD, FCCM
Arkansas Children's Hospital
Little Rock, Arkansas, USA