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Grenvik Family Award for Ethics

The Grenvik Family Award for Ethics is given each year to recognize a Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) member in good standing who has devoted significant efforts toward ethical problems in critical care. The award recognizes a person who promotes humanistic and ethical values in critical care.
The award was initiated by Christer Grenvik’s parents, Dr. Ake and Mrs. Inger Grenvik, and was established in 1989 by the Foundation for Critical Care. Christer Grenvik, MD, died at age 30 of a brain tumor while he was an anesthesiology resident. The Christer Grenvik Memorial Fund is funded by Dr. Ake and Mrs. Inger Grenvik.
During his last two years of life, Christer Grenvik became deeply religious and concerned with the critically and terminally ill patient’s autonomy when deciding on choice of treatment. He became particularly interested in the ethical problems of these situations and compassionate care of patients in the terminal stage. Therefore, the goals and objectives of the award are to memorialize Christer Grenvik’s great concern for these problems.
Deadline and Submission
Applications are due September 1, 2020.
Notification Deadline: November 1
The awardee receives $1,000 and complimentary SCCM Critical Care Congress registration. The award is presented during the ACCM Convocation/SCCM Awards Presentation during the SCCM Critical Care Congress.
  • Significant contributions made toward addressing ethical problems in critical care
  • Member in good standing of SCCM
  • Demonstration of commitment to SCCM through involvement in SCCM committees or other SCCM activities at the local, regional, national, or international level
Members of the SCCM Council are not eligible for the award during their tenure.
Nomination Process
Nominations must be made by an active SCCM member.
Nominator must provide a curriculum vitae, a nomination letter detailing the nominee’s contributions toward ethical problems in critical care, and a letter of support from an SCCM member in good standing. The letter of support should emphasize the ways the nominee’s life and career meet the award criteria.
For additional information regarding this award, please contact Carol Prendergast