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The Surviving Sepsis Campaign: Fluid Resuscitation and Vasopressor Therapy Research Priorities in Adult Patients

The Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC) is a long-standing initiative of Society of Critical Care Medicine and European Society of Intensive Care Medicine designed to improve mortality from sepsis. The Campaign has released four sets of guidelines, with another due to be published in 2021. Although recommendations within the SSC guidelines have been associated with improved outcomes, the guidelines are often unable to make more specific recommendations in multiple areas of clinical importance due to ongoing gaps in the literature.

In an attempt to define priorities for research within the field of sepsis, SSC created a research committee that was charged with developing a list of research questions related to sepsis. This led to the joint publication of “Surviving Sepsis Campaign Research Priorities for Sepsis and Septic Shock” in Critical Care Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine in August 2018. The initial document presented a broad overview, identifying 26 questions to explore as research priorities in several domains with an explicit intention to publish separate papers with more detailed descriptions for each domain in the future. This article is the second in a series of manuscripts (following a prior effort devoted to basic science research), which will expand upon the three research questions related to fluid resuscitation and vasopressors originating from the broader publication.

Also published in Intensive Care Medicine Experimental.

Ishaq Lat, PharmD, FCCM
Craig M. Coopersmith, MD, MCCM 

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