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Promoting Wellness During Transition from Fellowship to First Job

"Promoting Wellness During Transition from Fellowship to First Job" was published in the February/March 2018 issue of Critical Connections.

The transition from fellowship to staff physician can be challenging, both in academia and private practice.
Fellowship is a period of training, learning, and skill acquisition in a protected environment. This protection
comes in several shapes and sizes, such as the limiting of work hours by the Accreditation Council for Graduate
Medical Education (ACGME) and having an attending physician present to oversee difficult family discussions,
end-of-life decisions, procedural challenges, key clinical decisions, and the diplomatic management of expectations of multiple clinicians in the critical care unit

Critical Connections, the critical care industry's only newsmagazine, provides information on cutting-edge topics in critical care useful to the entire multiprofessional team. 

Ashish K. Khanna, Sheela Pai Cole

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