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Conventional Explosions and Blast Injuries

Detonation of small-volume, high-intensity explosives is a growing threat to civilian as well as military populations. Understanding circumstances surrounding conventional explosions helps with rapid triage and recognition of factors that contribute to poor outcomes. Rapid evacuation of salvageable victims and swift identification of life-threatening injuries allows for optimal resource utilization and patient management.

This chapter from SCCM's Fundamental Disaster Management, Third Edition seeks to:

  • Describe the mechanisms of injury associated with conventional explosions.
  • Outline triage strategies and markers of severe injury in patients wounded in conventional explosions.
  • Explain the general principles of critical care and procedural support in mass casualty incidents caused by conventional explosions.
  • Discuss organ-specific support for victims of conventional explosions.

David J. Dries, MSE, MD, FCCM
David Bracco, MD, EDIC, FCCM
Tarek Razek, MD
Norma Smalls-Mantey, MD, FACS, FCCM
Dennis Amundson, DO, MS, FCCM

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