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Category: ICU Liberation

MICU Rounding Tool

The MICU rounding tool can help you implement the ABCDEF Bundle.

Estimated Time: ICU Liberation Bundle (A-F)

ICU Liberation Bundles Chart

The ICU Liberation ABCDEF Bundles Chart outlines symptoms, monitoring and care guidance for implementing the ABCDEF Bundles.

Estimated Time: Bundle Implementation

Implementing the F Element of the ABCDEF Bundle

The F Element of the ABCDEF Bundle addresses patient and family engagement in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Implementing the E component of the ABCDEF Bundle

This guide can help clinicians implement the E Element of the ABCDEF Bundle: Early Mobility. Understand the deficits ICU survivors face and describe the benefits of early mobility in ICU, identify strategies for successful implementation of early mobilization program. 

Implementing the D Element of the ABCDEF Bundle

Assess, Prevent, and Manage Delirium: This presentation aims to help implement the D Element of the ABCDEF Bundle.

Implementing the C Element of the ABCDEF Bundle

Choice of analgesia and sedation offers guidance for a medication regimen for the management of pain and agitation in critically ill adults, consistent with the PAD Guidelines recommendations.

Implementing the B Element of the ABCDEF Bundle

The B Element of the ABCDEF Bundle relates to Both Spontaneous Awakening Trials and Spontaneous Breathing Trails. This guide reviews current evidence related to the hazards of deep sedation and the benefits of a coordinated SAT and SBT approach.

Implementing the A Element of the ABCDEF bundle

This ICU Liberation presentation compares pain assessment tools, identifies challenges for effective pain assessment, pain prevention, and pain management. Use this to help implement the A Element of the ABCDEF Bundle.