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Fundamental Disaster Management

Train healthcare professionals to treat victims of mass casualty events.  

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Fundamental Disaster Management (FDM) prepares healthcare professionals to treat victims of natural or man-made mass casualty events. The course arms critical care professionals with the expertise to manage the critical care response and is a must for any clinician who may come in contact with critically ill or injured patients after one of these types of events.
Self-Directed FDM provides a relaxed learning experience with access to online, didactic sessions, pre- and posttests, and complementary textbook. The textbook is also available for individual purchase.

13 learning modules with corresponding textbook chapters are included in Self-Directed FDM.
  • Introduction: Fundamental Disaster Management
  • ICU Microcosm Within Disaster Medical Response
  • Augmenting Critical Care Capacity During a Disaster
  • Critical Care Management of Chemical Exposures
  • Biohazard Disasters: Natural and Intentional Outbreaks
  • Critical Care Management of Radiologic Exposures
  • Blast Injuries
  • Mass Casualty Burn Care
  • Disasters Produced by Natural Phenomena
  • Caring for Critically Ill Children and Chronically Ill Patients During Disasters
  • Delivering Acute Care to Chronically Ill Adults in Shelters
  • Disaster Triage and Allocation of Scare Resources
  • Sustained Mechanical Ventilation Outside Traditional Intensive Care Units

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