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SCCM Pod-VCCR5 Rumack-Matthew Nomogram and Acetaminophen Toxicity

Sean P. Kane, PharmD, BCPS, speaks with Nadia Awad, PharmD, BCPS about Rumack-Matthew nomogram and acetaminophen toxicity. In the episode, the toxidrome of acetaminophen overdose is outlined and the nuances (including clinical practice pearls) are discussed regarding the nomogram used to decide whether N-acetylcysteine is warranted for acetaminophen toxicity. Dr. Awad is an emergency medicine pharmacist at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey and an Associate Editor of Emergency Medicine PharmD blog. References mentioned in this episode are available at Published: 5/24/2017

*If you are unable to play the podcast please click here to download the file.