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Critical Connections was launched in 2003. Articles organized by clinical topic also are available at

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Critical Connections was launched in 2003. For access to articles published before 2017, please contact Melissa Nielsen.

2020 - Summer - COVID-19: Rising to the Challenge

How a Master of Critical Care Medicine Prepared for the Coronavirus Pandemic
Philip S. Barie, MD, MBA, MCCM, discusses how him and his team prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic.
How SCCM’s FDM Course Helped One New York City Hospital Address the Pandemic
Richard H. Savel, MD, CPE, FCCM, shares his story on how SCCM's FDM course helped prepare for the pandemic.
President's Message: Triumph Amidst Crisis
SCCM President Lewis J. Kaplan, MD, FACS, FCCP, FCCM, discusses how SCCM and its members embraced new approaches and drove innovative means of patient rescue.