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Tokyo and New York: A Study in the Contrasting Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Coronavirus Disease 2019 Outcomes

From Critical Care Explorations. The authors examined the association between socioeconomic status and the rate of coronavirus disease 2019 infections using public data from Tokyo.

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Guiding Principles for the Conduct of Observational Critical Care Research for Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemics and Beyond: The Society of Critical Care Medicine Discovery Viral Infection and Respiratory Illness Universal Study Registry

From Critical Care Medicine. In this article, the authors describe how the Society of Critical Care Medicine Discovery Viral Infection and Respiratory Illness Universal Study coronavirus disease 2019 registry sought to develop and implement prespecified best practices combined with grassroots efforts from clinical sites worldwide in order to develop clinically useful knowledge in response to a pandemic.

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Nationwide Incidence and Outcomes of Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019 Requiring Intensive Care in Iceland

From Critical Care Medicine. In this study from Iceland, which had early adoption of widespread testing, the authors report a lower overall ratio of ICU admissions for coronavirus disease 2019 among severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 positive patients and a lower hospital mortality for patients treated in the ICU for coronavirus disease 2019 compared with initial reports from Italy and China.

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Letter to the Editor: Coronavirus Disease 2019: Understanding Immunopathogenesis Is the “Holy Grail” to Explain Why Children Have Less Severe Acute Disease

From Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. In this letter to the editor, the authors state that the understanding of the immunopathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2 infection is important not only to understand the epidemiologic and age-related differences in COVID-19, but it is critical for the identification of appropriate treatment, as well as for the development of a highly immunogenic vaccine with low risk of antibody dependent enhancement.

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Gender Difference Is Associated With Severity of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Infection: An Insight From a Meta-Analysis

From Critical Care Explorations. This review article investigates how gender difference can affect the disease severity of COVID-19 infection.

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Prediction of Pediatric Critical Care Resource Utilization for Disaster Triage

From Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. The authors sought to determine whether currently available pediatric illness severity scores can predict duration of critical care resource use.

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COVID-19 Mortality Factors

This presentation discusses the mortality factors regarding COVID-19. This is SCCM curated COVID-19 microlearning content.

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Pediatric concerns: Symptoms, diagnosis and mortality

This presentation is an overview of symptoms, diagnosis and mortality concerns seen when treating pediatric patients with COVID-19. This is SCCM curated COVID-19 microlearning content.

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Age Distribution and Critical Illness Severity of COVID-19

This presentation is an overview of age distribution as it relates to severity in COVID-19 patients.

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