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SCCM Data Science Datathon: Attendee Information

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Thank you for attending the Society of Critical Care Medicine’s (SCCM) Data Science Datathon.

This site includes important information for clinician attendees and data scientist attendees.

Research projects and groups have not yet been determined. Registered attendees can expect to receive an email from SCCM asking them to vote on their preferred research projects. After voting is complete, attendees will be notified about their research projects and groups. Information also will be posted to this website.
The databases used during the datathon are MIMIC and eICU. Please click on the links below to review the Getting Started Guides for each database. Please familiarize yourself with the databases before coming to the datathon.

MIMIC Critical Care Database
The Lab for Computational Physiology, MIT

eICU Collaborative Research Database
Tom Pollard
Data scientist registrants who are students (through postdoctorate) are eligible for travel support.
The required tax documents are due by Tuesday, February 4, 2020. The forms can be obtained through the following links:
Fax to:
Society of Critical Care Medicine
Attn: Tim Copeland
Fax: +1 847 439-7226
Available Travel Support
  • $100 for those from institutions in the Orlando area
  • $500 for those from institutions in other parts of Florida
  • $1000 for those outside of Florida
For more information about travel support and other important datathon FAQs, visit
Travel Support Rules and Criteria
SCCM must receive the required tax documents by February 4, 2020. There will be no exceptions. These are the only forms required to process your travel support.
Data scientist registrants who are students (through postdoctorate) are eligible for travel support. Eligible travel support recipients were identified using the information provided on your application form.
You must be a registered attendee to receive travel support. All attendees are responsible for booking their own hotels and travel arrangements. The travel support check will be issued by SCCM in one sum. Travel support will be issued after the 49th Critical Care Congress, by March 13, 2020. Travel support is to be used to reimburse travel expenses only.

For additional information, please contact SCCM Customer Service at +1 847 827-6888.