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Medicare’s Physician Payment System Changes: Impact on Critical Care
Read about evolving reimbursement changes mandated by Medicare and how this impacts critical care. A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine describes the evolving reimbursement changes mandated by Medicare as a “coming battle” between primary care physicians and specialists.1 There has been very little to date in the critical care literature about these changes or how they might affect intensivists. In this article, we provide an overview of the legislative changes to Medicare, how they may affect physician reimbursement, and specifically how they might affect intensivists. It will be up to the critical care community to determine appropriate responses to this changing environment.

Bedside Ultrasonography Guidelines for Critically Ill Patients
In June 2016, Critical Care Medicine published Part II of guidelines for the appropriate use of bedside general and cardiac ultrasonography in the evaluation of critically ill patients. Part I of the guidelines focused on general ultrasonography while Part II focused on the indications for cardiac ultrasonography and echocardiography.1,2 The guidelines provide evidencebased recommendations for the appropriate use of bedside ultrasonography in the intensive care unit. Their goal is to help critical care practitioners use this technology appropriately to improve patient outcomes by focusing on answering clinically relevant and time-sensitive questions.

President’s Message - Expanding SCCM’s Commitment to Research
In this article, Society 2017 President Ruth M. Kleinpell, RN-CS, PhD, FCCM, discusses SCCM's focus on research and its latest research endeavor, Discovery, the Critical Care Research Network. 

2018 Congress Recognizes ICU Hero Award Winners
This article celebrates the 2017 recipients of the Society of Critical Care Medicine’s ICU Heroes Award.

Neurocritical Care Leader Recognized for Lifetime Achievement
This article celebrates Thomas P. Bleck, MD, MCCM, who received the Society of Critical Care Medicine’s Lifetime Achievement Award during the 47th Critical Care Congress.

Blue Heroes of the Critical Care Community
Read about members of the critical care community who are giving back in all kinds of ways.   

Mental Illness as a Rate-Limiting Step in Critical Care
This article addresses the ethics of mental illness as a rate-limiting step in critical care.   

Ultrasonography in Critical Care
Learn about billing and coding for ultrasonography in critical care.   

Teaching High-Value Care to the Future Workforce
Discover how healthcare educators can instill high-value care approaches in clinical decision-making.   

Are We Choosing Wisely in Critical Care?
Learn about the Choosing Wisely Initiative and how it is impacting critical care practitioners.